Feeding Issues/High Calorie Smoothies

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Feeding Issues/High Calorie Smoothies

Quick question, I am wondering if anyone may have recipes for high calorie smoothies. My youngest son (19 months act/16 months adjusted) has been in feeding therapy and yesterday was our last day. As of now there is no concern about his weight (he's actually a bit of a chunk) but considering we are still struggling with getting off the bottle and he hasn't mastered chewing yet (we will be seeing someone for feeding again soon but she will be focusing on his oral motor/jaw type things), his therapist suggested giving him high calorie smoothies to make sure he is getting enough calories, etc. so we don't eventually fall into the issue of losing to much weight, etc. She gave me a few ideas but I was wondering if anyone would have additional or maybe a place to find them. thanks much in advance.