Final call! Please join!

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Final call! Please join!

DEADLINE October 10th!!

Hi all!

We are about to kick off a *short* six week challenge and I'm asking each of you personally to consider taking part! The actions required are absolutely doable (TRUST ME -- or *I* wouldn't have joined! LOL)

I know we're all busy and perhaps that alone is the point of why YOU should join in! Too many times we put our personal health last on the totem pole of things to do (says the queen of last place!) For now, I am asking for TWO minutes of your time to read the link on how it works and to then give yourself a reason why you can't commit to a mere 6 weeks. Plus - it is one more way to get to know (and enjoy) other members.

Come on! Seriously I'll need all the support I can get! ROFL

Join the Harvest Health Challenge! (How it works!)