First Appointment for pregnancy?
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Thread: First Appointment for pregnancy?

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    Default First Appointment for pregnancy?

    Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How soon after you learned you were pregnant did you get your first appointment with your ob/gyn or midwife?

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    At my HMO you don't see your OB until about 14 weeks. There's really no need to see anyone before then if you don't have any problems or have a history of problems. They have an early pregnancy class that you can attend as soon as you have a BFP, it's offered twice weekly, a day & an evening, so you should be able to attend one within a few days or a week tops. That class is taught by a nurse and a nutritionist where you learn pretty much everything you need to know for the first trimester, and they also do an initial screening of who might need a dating ultrasound or to be seen by an OB before the routine prenatal appointments start. If you aren't sure of your LMP date (within a 4-day range) then they have you come in for a dating ultrasound but you don't usually see an OB.

    I've never hired a midwife before pregnancy. With DS I had something going on physically that might have precluded a safe home birth so I didn't hire her until about 18 or 20 weeks. With DD for a whole bunch of reasons I didn't find a midwife until nearly 36 weeks. I'd been getting prenatal care through my HMO though.
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    I go to an OB/Gyn practice that also has a midwife and I only see her. Typically they have you come in after you've missed your period for a "confirmation" (since you've already taken 10 at home) pee test given by a nurse or medical assistant. Then they schedule your first appt. Usually it's not until 8 wks or so. I typically go in at 6ish wks just bc I've had lots of issues and losses. Not that going in early prevents anything for the most part unless you need a progesterone supplement which I didnt. I just felt better getting an u/s then to see how things were going and to talk to my midwife whom I love!
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