Flu vaccine while pregnant? What did you decide?

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Flu vaccine while pregnant? What did you decide?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Did you get the flu vaccine when pregnant? Why or why not? (Yes, I know that it is now being recommended but I am hesitating about it this time and want to know other's opinions.)

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Strongly recommended, in fact. CDC - Pregnant Women & Influenza (Flu) | Seasonal Influenza (Flu)

Pregnant women are at higher risk for complications from the flu, and the vaccine does not pose a risk to you or your unborn baby.

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I have not and will not get it. My children also do not get it. I am a higher risk catagory since they recomend it to pregnant women, people with asthma and people that are diabetic. I have gd. But I will not be getting it. I havent gotten it since they put H1N1 in it. My dr will not push you into getting it. They are also out of the vax. Its completely up to you and if you feel its benefits are worth it. We havent gotten the flu since my oldest(whose almost 7) was an infant wiped us out completely but that was a year I had gotten the vax. Some people get the flu and some dont. Some people get the vax and other people dont. Some people get the flu after taking the vax some dont.

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I got it just last week. My midwife/OB practice strongly recommends it. My children ages 2-14 did as well in October. Their peds are also vocal about recommending the flu vaccine. Especially since we'll be welcoming a new baby right at the end of flu season. None of us have gotten the flu since getting the vaccine. Even when there is an outbreak in town.

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I always get the flu vaccine, and I always make my kids get it. I can't make my DH get it, and he's gotten the flu twice and been wiped out for over a month each time. My daughter got H1N1 the year it was really bad, and she actually got that flu before they had been able to make a vaccine for it. I was terrified because I was pregnant with DS but the doctor said there was little risk to the baby, if I got it to make sure to stay hydrated & go to the hospital if I couldn't, but I was really careful and I didn't get it. There's really no good reason to not get it. Even if you do get the flu, it will probably be a much lighter case than without, kind of like chickenpox.

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I'm still torn. If it didn't have H1N1 in the bundle, I would. But I'm still not sold on the H1N1 vaccine. I've been reading up in the medical journals (thanks Google Scholar!) and the formulation wasn't changed. There is a slightly higher risk of complications/side effects from the H1N1, but I haven't decided if the benefits outweigh the risks yet.

If I do get it, I'm waiting until I'm 37 weeks/full term or possibly at birth, just in case. The last time I had the shot was also the time I had a chemical loss. Not saying it was the cause, but there were reports of m/c risk associated with it and I'm not taking chances.

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We usually don't get it, and I didn't get it last year when I was pregnant. The only time I do get it is when I am working and the hospital requires it.