Going back to work after maternity leave

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Going back to work after maternity leave

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): My maternity leave is almost over and the thought of leaving my baby is breaking my heart. Any advice from WOHM on making this transition?

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I just didn't consider staying home to be an option. My DH stayed home with both of our kids, so that did make it a bit easier, but I just did not consider staying home myself to be an option. I needed to be at work for the good of our family, and that was it. Period, end of story. I also tried to make sure to spin it my way, LOL. Many moms say pumping reminds them that they are away from their baby; I chose to think of it as a way to stay connected to my baby despite being at work. I recorded my baby nursing to watch while I was pumping, and my husband called me regularly to let me "talk" with our baby, and I negotiated my schedule to not have to travel when my babies were young.

One thing I would strongly advise you to think about is your choice of care provider. I'm a strong proponent of Attachment Parenting which some people think, erroneously, means that the mom must stay at home with baby. It does not. AP means making sure that you choose the most loving, caring provider possible, someone who will wear your baby like you would & who will offer your baby a bottle in the most loving, nursing-like way possible, and who does not leave your baby in a crib or swing for hours at a time. Knowing that your care provider is doing what you would do for your baby will make the transition easier. I also advise new moms to return to work half-time for the first two weeks. It really does ease the transition for both you & baby. You get used to leaving baby, and baby gets used to someone else putting him/her down for a nap, but if it doesn't work one day, there's only a couple of hours until you're home.

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I agree about having child care you are happy with. My kids love going to daycare and being around the other kids. They seem to really like the workers and the workers seem to really care about them. They are happy about going and so excited to see me when I pick them up.

One suggestion I've seen is to return to work on a Thursday so you only have a couple days in the first week.