Guilt over gender disappointment

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Guilt over gender disappointment

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I'm feeling guilty over being disappointed after learning the gender of my baby. Has anyone else felt this way and upon birth of your baby did your feelings change?

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I actually cried when I found out Weston was a boy. I'd secretly hoped to give my daughter a sister. And, coming from a family of all girls except for one nephew, I was terrified about boys, I didn't know what to do with boys or with "that thing" they come with, LOL. But I came around, pretty much, long before he was born and I've been very happy with having a little boy. If you're having trouble wrapping your brain around what you're getting in another few weeks, talk with a therapist about it, but recognize that it's normal to be disappointed at not getting what you initially thought you wanted. But really, we all have certain expectations about our unborn child, and some of them aren't going to happen, and we end up enjoying the redhead we got instead of the brunette we thought we'd have or the rowdy kid instead of the bookworm or the ballet dancer instead of the athlete. Good luck to you & congrats on your baby!