Hair loss after pregnancy

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Hair loss after pregnancy

Has anyone had to deal with hair loss after pregnancy? I had DS in April and I am loosing hair like crazy for about 3-4 weeks now! I heard taking folic acid will help, so I'm trying that now. If you've had trouble with this, what did you do? When did it stop? It is so annoying!

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I would have my thyroid checked if I were you. That is a symptom of thyroid issues. Good luck. If it continues, talk to your doctor

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When you say falling out, how do you mean? In huge clumps? More than a few strands at a time?

Mine always comes out when I am washing it..... I don't do anything though as my HD said it's normal!


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Its very normal to lose your hair after pregnancy. Read about it on What To Expect

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I was losing hair too after pregnancy, it's normal. Usually when I washed my hair lots of it would stay in my hand and in bath tub.... but it stopped after a while. It as to do with changes in hormones... I wouldn't worry too much ...

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Yep, typically normal after pregnancy especially if you noticed that your hair was fuller/thicker during pregnancy.

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Ditto the above... TOTALLY normal after pregnancy. We are constantly losing hair but during pregnancy it tends to normally slow down... then it's like it has to make up for it afterwards! Nothing you can really do to stop it... it's a hormonal thing. It will eventually stop... I promise! Smile

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Thanks for all the responses ladies.

It usually comes out in huge clumps after I wash my hair and when I run my hand through my hair a lot of hair comes out. I find hair everywhere during the day! I have really, really thick hair so my hair didn't really change during pregnancy (it was actually a lot easier to style during pregnancy for some reason!) Someone did tell me I might have to get my thyroid checked. If it continues to come out, I might have to do that. It's just annoying and I can't wait for it to stop!

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I have definitely never had this happen, so I would call you doc right away!