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Ladies, I am 33 weeks pregnant, and I need tips on how to get rid of/soothe hemorrhoids! Please help!

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I can't remember right now if Tuck's pads are safe for pg or not. Either way, a sids bath would really help. I used to sit is a shallow pool of hot water. Also use a squirt bottle of warm water to clean the area after a BM.

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this! Bonita gave you some helpful advice (and yes, you can use Tuck's pads.)

Here is an article which outlines some more tips/advice on dealing with hemorrhoids:

[h=1]Discomforts of Pregnancy: Hemorrhoids[/h]I hope you find relief soon! Feel free to leave a comment on the article and let us know if any of the advice works!

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Thanks so much Ladies!!