HELP! Need clothing that starts with P and C!

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HELP! Need clothing that starts with P and C!

The kids are supposed to pick a letter and then wear at least 5 articles of clothing that start with that letter to school tomorrow.

Of course they leave it til they're headed to bed to remember this (mommy forgot too).

Right now we're working with P (for dd) and C (for ds).

For P I have:

  • poncho
  • pirate hat
  • pants
  • pajamas (probably just the top)
  • ?????????????????????

For C I have:

  • crown
  • cape
  • cords
  • ???????????????
  • ???????????????

I know "cardigan" starts with C but ds doesn't have one and I don't think he'd ever forgive me if I sent him wearing one of dd's... and neither of them have any crocs! LOL

Any ideas/suggestions to fill in the blanks?? Or 5 suggestions for another letter for ds? I guess in a pinch I could do "S" and put him in shirt/shorts/shoes/socks/scarf... but I'd like to be a *little* more creative than that if I can Lol

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ummm only French words are popping in my mind.... :rolleyes:
I'll think about it and post later. That is a fun activity class!

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We went with (P) poncho, (pink) pants, (pink) pijama shirt, peacock feather, purse, (shin) pads, polar fleece mitts, and a pirate hat for dd... and (C) cape, crown, coat, chain (bike lock kind), cords (pants), and Chile shirt for ds Smile

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Cute I was going to say Cap for (C)

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Pantaloons, Coulottes but doesn't work so well if they have to wear them Smile