Hi all :)

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Hi all :)

I just wanted to say hello. Smile I am Sarah and i used to post here many moons ago, but stopped for a while. I can't log in under my old username for some reason so i started a new one. It's nice to see some familiar 'faces'. Biggrin

Don't know how much i'll post cause life is way busy, but i wanted to come out of lurkdom a bit and join in.


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I thought that I had posted on this for you! I can help connect you with your old username if you like... or even import only your stats over to your new one if you prefer. Just drop me a note at [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email] with the username and email address you want to keep, your old username, and if you want your old stats connected.

Welcome back!

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Yeah! Thanks Missy, i've emailed you. Smile x

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Welcome back Sarah!!

Please tell us a bit about yourself Smile