High blood pressure during pregnancy

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High blood pressure during pregnancy

Answer Box: My last two appointments my blood pressure has been a bit on the high side. My doctor seems to be getting more concerned. Did any of you have high bp during pregnancy? Can you let me know what to expect?

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You don't mention how far along you are. It's perfectly normal for your BP to rise at the end of pregnancy, that's because your volume of blood has doubled! It's too bad that so many OBs seem to be oblivious of this fact of human physiology. Can it rise too much? Yes, and that's not good, and how much it can rise and be considered "normal" depends on what your BP was to begin with. And if you're also spilling protein into your urine, that's not good; that can be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

One thing you need to do is make sure you're getting lots of lean healthy protein, at least 100 grams a day, because protein helps maintain strong arteries and veins. Another thing is to find out what your baseline BP was at the beginning of pregnancy, and see if your rise is normal or if your OB is perhaps making a mountain of a molehill. If the rise is genuine, and is genuinely getting to the danger zone, then you'll need to go on BP meds. If you develop pre-eclampsia, then they'll probably induce labor early.

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In most cases, high BP leads to nothing.

I had high BP, protein (is that right?) in my urine and lots of swelling. This resulted in me being taken into hospital for a couple of hours to monitor the baby.

All turned out to be ok in the end!

I'm sure you will be fine.


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High blood pressure problem is very bad in pregnancy time. this is the most important that the blood pressure to be normal, and bp problem increase the other disease in the future. So don't take risks for it.