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Hey ladies

It's been a while!! Hope you're all well Smile

So DD is that the age where "I would love a baby brother or sister" stage and I don't know how to tackle it!

Unfortunately, I'm nowehere near considering another child due to circumstances but it breaks my heart knowing I can't give her or myself what we would both love!!

What do I say to her?


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Offer to buy her a babydoll... maybe that will help!

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My mother was TTC 15 years before she had me, she tried for another 5 years after me and then gave up. I could never understand why she wouldn't just have another baby like all my friends mums.

My advice from the perspective of somebody who desperately wanted siblings but never got them would be: be as open as possible about why you are not having more; as pp said get her a doll, but make the new baby doll. Part of the family, teach her how to look after it and play with the doll with her! And make sure she has lots of playdates and friends Smile

HTH! All the best. Smile

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At one time I was in the same position. It was 9, 10, and 13 years later he got the siblings he asked for. I actually did exactly what was mentioned above. I explained that mommy wasn't in a position to give him any siblings. Then he had lots of playdates with my friends kids. It is hard expecially when you do want more your just not in a position to have them at the time. But being honest (and putting it in terms they can understand) and letting them have playtime with friends worked wonders until mommy was ready.

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I think that's all really good advice. Honesty (that's age appropriate) and a way to give your child her "own" baby sounds like a good plan to me.

GL - I hope you're able to figure out what will work best for you!!