How did you decide baby name?

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How did you decide baby name?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How did you decide to name your baby? After family? More traditional? Something 'unique'? I'm feeling overwhelmed (and a bit pressured) by all the options.

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We decided to go with names we liked and honored family with middle names. I personaly didn't want anything that was too popular or could be shortened to a nickname (personal thing; DH's cousin said right away after he heard our daughters name, "there really isn't a nickname for that" -- I think you should grow into a nickname, not just automatically be given one!)...but that is off topic Wink

So, we each made a list of our top 10ish and then shared the lists. I also looked up the popularity on the social security web page where you can track the current popularity and also see the trend. We had a harder time agreeing than coming up with a list of options!

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DD1's middle names are family names. All of a sudden my DH needed our DD to have his grandma's name (mostly pressure from his family) which i kinda wanted to be like - you all had your babies that you could have named after your grandma too-- It was important for me to have my mom's name as a middle name....and since we didn't know if we'd have anymore kids or another girl - we gave her the two middle names....her first name i liked cuz it stood for peace and DH liked it too...
For this one, we both like her first name - and her middle name is still up in the air, most likely will be a version of my name or my middle name.

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Middle names from family, which has made it hard for a future boys name as John is a popular family name on both side and my husband has said no to ever using it (his father, brother and nephew as well as himself all have it). First names we choose something we like

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We didn't name either of our children before we met them. Blum 3 We started with first names. We each made a list of ten names, which we eventually whittled down to a short list of three options. Then we came up with a short list of middle name options that sounded good with those first names and my DH's last name. As each pregnancy went by, we pretty much knew which names we liked best but we waited to get to know the child a bit before settling on *the* name. We also liked that our children were the first people to know their own names.

We didn't intentionally do it, but each of our children has a British surname for their first name. And because their first names are relatively uncommon as first names, we specifically chose very common middle names. Our daughter's middle name was chosen because of her traumatic birth; it's Olivia, a variant of Olive, which means peace. Our son's middle name, William, is one of the two most common names among ancestors on both sides.

And we did not share any of our name options with family or friends. My SIL was also pregnant when I was pregnant with DD, and my sister was also pregnant when I was pregnant with DS. To make sure that we weren't both planning to use the same name, we compared initials. Good luck to you & congrats on your baby!