How to get baby to sleep?

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How to get baby to sleep?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How do (did?) you get your baby to sleep at night? Crying it out? Rocking/feeding ? or another form of comforting? Co-sleep? For reference, he is now 2 and ? months. Thanks!

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I ask myself this every day.
When we came home from hospital I always went up to bed at about 2000 with him and went to bed myself.
I was shattered so going to bed early was no hardship and it meant at first I got as much sleep as possible before he woke for a feed and as he got a bit older... I would take him up when I knew he was down for a good few hours... He was 9 days under 2 months when he slept all the wY through... And has slept between 8 and 13 hours every night since!!!
I can only only assume getting him in his Moses basket early on in the bedroom did it for us.