How to learn basics of baby care?

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How to learn basics of baby care?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I've never been around babies... ever! Now we're expecting and I fear that I won't know how to do even the basics for feeding, bathing, burping, diapering... or how to comfort. How can I learn so I am able to care for my baby when he arrives?

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Most hospitals offer a crash course in baby care. It's usually just one or two classes. We also have a Nest program here (not sure if its just local or what) where they offer parenting classes with different themes like basic newborn care, breast feeding, toddler care, etc. I think that's mostly geared towards lower income families but I think its open to anyone.

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you do not need to be afraid. many ways to overcome them.
hire a nurse, for help in the elderly who are more experienced, read books / articles, and others.
and the one thing that usually happens is every mother has for her child bond so that you will definitely know what you should do because it was natural. Good luck Biggrin

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See if you HMO or hospital or pediatrics group or local baby store offers intro to parenting classes. We took a four-part series through our HMO that covered breastfeeding, safety & first aid, comfort techniques, and tips for getting through the first two weeks. Also see if you can connect with a local new moms group where you can get some hands-on with real babies and real info from BTDT moms. Read some books; I highly recommend Dr. Sears' The Baby Book, it has lots of great solid advice & what-to-expect with an attachment parenting lean, which I love! If you're cloth-diapering, there are videos online and there are also videos of different breastfeeding holds. Just soak up information like a sponge right now, and then when you get into the middle of it, you'll have a bunch of different things to try and can toss out the ones that don't feel right for you or your baby.