How long did you labor at home?

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How long did you labor at home?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How long did you labor at home before heading to the hospital? Was there anything in particular that you tried to do before you left?

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With DD, I was sent to the hospital to monitor elevated (for me) blood pressure, but I had been having contractions off/on all day. After monitoring, I ended up being admitted initially, just to try and get me some sleep and administer meds for the vomitting I was having; they said I wasn't in labor yet since I was not progressing. Well, after about 1 hour they said I was in labor - our daughter was born 5 hours after that.

With DS, I started contractions at about 9. Called DH at 10. Got the hospital at 12:20 and Q was born at 12:38. I highly recommend you get to the hospital before then!

So, I didn't technically labor at home for long with either; however, I am not the norm and have super fast labors!

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Not at all. I had been in the hospital 1.5 weeks before they started the induction.

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Both of mine were planned to be home births. I went to the hospital when it became necessary for the baby's well-being. Personally, I think that should be everyone's plan. Blum 3

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With my first I waited until contractions were a minute long and 5 minutes apart (3 hours). Was not dialated when I got to the hospital so they wanted to send me home. I couldn't stand the thought of being in the car so I stayed and delivered 4hours later.

With my second I was already hospitalized. I had some discomfort when I paged the nurse. Because my water had broken early, they didn't want to check me unless I was in labour. They eventually monitored me for 20 minutes but no contractions. By that point I was in agony so they checked me (5cm). I was in the L&D room less than 10 minutes before I had the baby.

That experience makes me nervous about waiting too long at home.