How long did you wait to TTC between pregnancies?

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How long did you wait to TTC between pregnancies?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How long did you wait before trying for another baby and did it take longer than expected to become pregnant the 2nd (or more) time around?

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A few weeks really.. Still trying but this is the first official month xx

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We waited until our 1st was 7 months old to start TTC #2 - only because that would give me the minimum time back at work to qualify for maternity leave again.
After it taking 4 cycles to conceive our first - it was 5 years, 4 m/c and a stillbirth before we brought home our 2nd child

So you really never know

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I waited a year because I wanted to fully heal from my c-section so I could have a home birth the second time. However, my husband, our stay-at-home parent, wasn't ready to handle two babies so we waited nearly another year before TTC. And then it took us almost 2.5 years to finally get a sticky bean (I had 3 or 4 or maybe more early miscarriages) so my kids are five years, five weeks apart.

It obviously took a lot longer to get pregnant the second time. I was still nursing my daughter part-time and I asked, repeatedly, if that might be a problem. My hormone levels were always fine so I was told, no, it wasn't a problem. My problem, I was told, was old eggs because I was over 40. In retrospect, I do believe that nursing was the problem because the only thing that changed was that my daughter weaned, and I was pregnant within a couple of months. So if you're on the older end of the mom spectrum, and if you're still nursing and *if* you have trouble TTC, then I recommend weaning your older child to see if that might help. I know at least half a dozen moms IRL who were in the same position as me, being over 40 & still nursing, who conceived quickly after they finally weaned their older child.

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We waited about 2 years between our first 2. We were aiming for a 3-4 year gap. It took 7 months to TTC #1. With #2, I did get pregnant right away but had a loss. I did get pregnant right after that. Although my daughter was healthy, my pregnancy was complicated and she was premature.

We are currently planning #3 but due to my (new) job, daycare costs and some other life events, we probably won't start trying until the 3 year mark. I'm in my late 30s so I am expecting some problems either conception or the actual pregnancy (based on last time).

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We didn't really wait, though I was breastfeeding so it didn't happen immediately for us, my children are 23 months apart, 28 months apart and the next ones will be 23 month apart. I suppose we just let things happen after each child.

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Hi: We never really prevented after either child. With our first, it took 3 months to conceive from the point in time we started trying. With the second, I was breast feeding the first and having cycle issues that we think were because of that. But, in any case, mine are 2-1/2 yrs apart. It did take longer to conceive than we thought, but that is because of the cycle issues I was having. From the point in time I got my first post partum active flow, it took 9 cycles in 11 months to get the next positive. Since then, we have still been technically not preventing - relying on use of a fertility monitor to "avoid" when necessary. I've since had two miscarriages, but that is most likely an egg quality issue because of my age. We are actively trying and have been since the last miscarriage in July.

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We're not actively trying for baby #2 but we're "seeing what happens" and so far, nothing is happening Sad

I'm hoping it's just because I only realised my cycles were 38 days and not 28 days like I first thought.


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Our first 3 we didn't try for we were actually using b.c. and had unexpected blessings which we were happy but surprised about. So we expected when we tried for our 4th when our 3rd was 14 mos we wouldn't have any issues. And we did get pg quickly but after we m/c that baby it took us 7 mos to conceive again and this was with temping and charting. It was an eye opener for sure. So we thought the next baby would take some time as well so when #4 was 16 mos we ttc again and surprisingly got pg that same month w/#5. When 5 was 19 mos we had the same success conceiving #6 in the first month. We thought we were done after that but God had other ideas. We again got surprised when I was on the bcp and very sadly m/c our son Noah at 14 wks after having to deliver him we waited 2 mos to ttc again. It took us 8 mos of temping including 2 on clomid!!! To conceive again and sadly we lost that baby as well in an early loss. After taking a break to heal from that for 2 mos we resumed the clomid and ttc again after 3 unsuccessful mos on that I switched to Femara for a month and finally conceived the sweet boy I am 21 wks with now! So all in all it took us 1.5 yrs to conceive successfully #7. And I had to take fertility meds for many months to do it. I never thought we'd have this much trouble conceiving our 7th child!!!