How many kids?

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How many kids?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How many kids would you like to have?

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If money was no object, life was plain sailing and my body allowed it.... I swear I would have 10+!

I absolutely LOVE children and I have always wanted that huge family unit for my DD, so if all of the above was me right now then yes I would keep going as much as I could lol.


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When I was younger I thought I would like to have at least four kids, maybe six. Not enough that I'd need a super-sized van but enough that they'd have to share bedrooms and always have someone to play with and on the off-chance they didn't get along with someone there'd be someone else they did get along with. Both of my parents were only children and hated it, so they had two kids, and my sister & I didn't get along very well for most of our childhoods. I didn't want that for my kids!

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I always said 4-5 ideally (and DH says 3-4), but we're taking it one kid at a time! (Working on #3 at the moment.)