How much screen time?

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How much screen time?

Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How much 'screen' time do your kids average each day (counting TV, computer, video games, tablets, etc?)

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Before age three, none. Zip, zero, zilch. At least that was with the first; the second was able to sneak a bit of viewing in with his big sister. :oops: After age three, we started allowing half an hour of PBS or Sprout or a video per day, after nap time; it was not only a good incentive for napping, but gave DH an extra chunk of quiet time. At age five, we bumped it up to an hour and started allowing a few more selected shows, but she had other things going on that she didn't watch much TV, but the things she did watch tended to be longer. At age eight, we started letting her play some select games online and write emails to friends & family, but she has to earn computer time, in 15 minute intervals, with good behavior. We might put in a 2-hour movie for them on a weekend, and they love watching AFV on Sunday night, but our kids really don't have much screen time at all. But neither do we so it's not an expectation in our house to begin with. And if you give them other things to do, they won't miss it a bit!

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Robbie gets 1 hour of screen time to use how he wishes (computer, Wii or tv). We do not count homework as part of the screen time (he has to do 15 minutes/day of a math website). Weekends it is a little bit more depending on what we are doing. Robbie is 8, his school does a health survey and the recommended amount of screen time for school age kids is 1 hour or less/day, they also recommend no electronics in the bedroom (we do not have a tv in the bedroom and his DS is not allowed in his bedroom).