I want a baby carrier can you help :) AHHHH

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I want a baby carrier can you help :) AHHHH

So I would LOVE to have a baby carrier for baby #5! But I am at a loss! There are so many!

I am a plus size mom so buying one from a store is not really what I want because they are too small to fit me. I don't want a sling. But I want something hands free that I can use around the house to get things done so it will need to fit a newborn. I have 8lb babes so it won't be tiny. Someone said I should buy a cutom mei tai? from etsy?

I hope you ladies can help!!!! I am so at a loss! Thank you so so much!

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I love my Moby wrap especially for the first 6-9 months. It does take some getting used to with wrapping and tying but it's well worth it. It should fit just about any size person because you tie it to fit. The only potential issue is that they can be a little warm in the summer. If you have a store near you that sells carriers (like a specialty boutique, not Babies R Us), I would definitely go and try some of the more pricey carriers like and Ergo or Beco and see what feels comfortable to you. Most likely you will end up with multiple carriers for different purposes. I have a Moby, Baby K'tan, Sevensling, and will be buying a Beco for next summer for this baby. I used a Bjorn for the first 3 months with DD1 until I bought my Moby and really wished I had purchased it earlier. Target has begun selling Moby's.

Not sure if you've seen this site, but it has some good info too.

Good luck in your search.

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Is there a high quality or well stocked baby store near you so can try different carriers on?

I went to a local store and tried on so many! So glad I did, too. I really wanted a Moby but I felt like I was suffocating in it. Just so much fabric and tying. The Mei Teis weren't much better due to the fabric and the large (IMO) panel.

I got the Ergo because it was so comfy but DS#4 did not really like it once he got to about 5 months. I just bought an Okkatots carrier. And I am going to get a SnuggyBaby Ring Sling.

I think a ring sling would ba great purchase for a plus size mom since it's adjustable. You could check out The baby wearer, a web site that has lots of reviews, etc.

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Have you visited the babywearing forum? You should be able to get some great advice from the pro baby wearers on there. We have a bunch of babywearing moms around so I'm sure someone will have great advice for you. I made my own mai tai carrier that I use.

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Those are good suggestions. I went to our local used kids store because they always have carriers there. I tried on like 8 of them to see how they'd fit for me.

I ended up with a Baby Bjorn (that my sister gave me) and a sling and I used both for different things.

GL - I hope you'll find something you like. Oh, and congrats!!!

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I am a total Baby Ktan Fan.. best of the Moby without the extra material!

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Our Target has Moby wraps, so you could try it out there. I like the Moby for new babies, but after that, I move on.

My long-term favorite is the Ergo. It does have an infant insert but I never found it necessary.

I can still carry my 3 year old in it if I have to (he's 40lbs).

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I don't have any personal recommendations, but have you checked out eBay?

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I had an ergo carrier for my last son and loved it. It was nice to be able to get things done and know he was very secure. It was also really comfortable to wear for front or back carrying, although back carrying was better as he got heavier.

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I have an Ergo and DD LOVED being in it. I wish I got to use it more but we just didn't get out of the house much.

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LOVE my baby k'tan!!!!!!!! it is definately my go to carrier!!!!!!!!!

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I love my Ergo. I used the infant insert for the first 2 months. Now that DS is 9 months old, I'm able to wear him on my hip, which helps a lot when I need to be hands free.