Im a Newbie here! :-)

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Im a Newbie here! :-)

My name is Jennifer as you can tell! I wanted to introduce myself, and tell my story.
I just turned 25 on the 24th of this month! I've been with my husband, going on 8 yrs,but Oct 2 is our 1 year wedding anniversary.
I have wanted to be a mommy since I was just a little kid. I always made my cousins call me mommy! lol.
Well, DH wasnt as interested as I was! So monthly for the last few yrs, I would have a shimmer of hope each moth, because I am on no BC and we just used the withdrawl method.
Nothing has never happened, short of wanting to be prego so badly that I caused myself to have what seemed like symptoms.
After all this time, after going absolutley crazy, my hubby and I had a talk the night of my birthday about what we should do. For one time in our whole relationship, he was sincerly interested and listening to everything I had to say about starting a family.
I agreed that I wanted to try to get pregnant. & He said that we would, & If it was meant to happen, it would.
He doesnt really understand that there is a certain time that you or fertile, or that you have a 2 week wait. Or if he does, he seems to play dumb. lol.
The only problem is. I dont know how to physically tell that I am ovulating, i just know about when I am, and I use a calendar on my iphone.
The calendar says that I would Ovulate sat Sept 24. We tried for our baby about 12 or 1 in the morning of 25th.
I read that the egg is usually viable from 12 to 24 hrs.
If so, if I ovulated during the day of the 24 then i should of had til the next morning to get pregnant at least.
Im really hoping and praying that this will be my miracle baby, after waiting so very long.
My husband is set in his ways, Im afraid that if it doesnt happen this time, he will think that it wasnt meant to be, and wont be ready to try again for awhile.
I have one digital test, and some of the strips on their way.
You better believe that I will be test the day of the 8th, that I am suuppose to start my period.
Possibly before, because I cant help myself!
Im so excited, I know that this will be the longest two weeks of my entire life.
Everyone please wish me luck, and that the pregnancy will stick, if the eggs fertilized Biggrin

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Hi and Welcome! is a great site with lots of useful information and wonderful, helpful ladies.

First I wanted to try my best to address your question about ovulating. Doctors usually stand by the fact that "most" women ovulate on day 14 of their cycle. I've found that very few of us actually do. It's a rough estimate, but that's about all it is.

There's a few physical ways to tell you are about to ovulate. Some women get "ovulation pain" or twinges. I find that this isn't very reliable because you can have twinges or cramps for other reasons.

A great way to tell is by your cervical fluid. Before you ovulate, your cervical fluid (discharge) will usually vary from sticky/creamy/to watery. When you are fertile, you usually have stretchy cervical mucus that looks like the consistency of raw eggwhites. After you O, the mucus usually dries up.

Also, you can use ovulation tests. (you can find them at any store, online, even the dollar store) You take these tests around when you should ovulate (usually starting a few days before) and when you get a positive, you will usually o 24-48 hours after.

Also, you can take your temperature every morning right when you wake up. After you ovulate your body has a thermal shift and your temperatures register higher than pre ovulation. This is good for confirming ovulation, but not very useful to predict ovulation.

Good luck! Hopefully you won't need all of this information because you caught the egg the first time around. Smile

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Hi Jennifer! Welcome to our family! Smile I'll definitely be thinking of you and wishing you all the best in this 2ww!!

Elizabeth had some wonderful advice for you. You may also want to check out our TTC Buddies: 0-24 months and Charting Your BBT and Fertility Cycle boards. There you can connect with others that are also learning more about their body's cycle and sharing support together for that waiting and hoping time!

We have a lot of resources available for you also through our articles and tools. Click on the "Getting Pregnant" tab at the top to get started! Smile

If you have any questions on finding your way around, let us know!

~Missy (

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Hi Jennifer, welcome to the site. You definitely will find that all the ladies on here are the most supportive, caring women. They will definitely help you. Good luck

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Welcome!!! We have some fab women on here and you will find so much advice and support in your TTC journey.

GL and I hope your TTC journey is a short one with a wonderful ending!

Looking forward to getting to know you.

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Hello and welcome! Good luck with TTC! MissyJ and the other ladies on here have already pointed you in the right direction!