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I was looking through some of the articles on here and thoughts this was interesting so I wanted to share.

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Ah! I had to comment on that one!


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A couple of those surprised me. For some reason I thought it would be illegal to sell outdated baby food and formula. Missy, I read your comment. Seriously? Some states have made THAT legal?

For those wondering what we're talking about, click on the article and take a peek.

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Well in NY the roadkill thing isn't so much about racoons or skunks. But when people hit deers and the meat is worth saving and it's not hunting season and the driver doesn't have a license to hunt I believe these laws allow people to keep the deer and meat. I actually do know people who have done this....seems less wasteful to me.

As for baby food and formula I work for a grocery chain who won't even mark down products coming close to expiration dates. I don't know if it's a law or internal policy. We'll give discounts on things like milk or yogurt but we just throw away baby food and formula.

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I know here, if someone hits a moose or elk, and the RCMP have to kill it, they call a guy who salvages what meat he can from it, processes it, and donates it to the food bank. I think it is a great use of otherwise wasted food.