Iron deficiency anemia in children

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Iron deficiency anemia in children

Anybody have any experience? I have an almost-10-year-old dd with it.

We have a family history of Thalassemia Minor (me, my mother/aunt/grandmother) and we assumed dd had it based on some bloodwork as an infant... but were unable to get the definitive test done at the time. A month or so ago she had some unrelated bloodwork so we added the test, assuming it would come back saying she also had it.

Well, we got the final report on that back and apparently she isn't carrying on the family trait LOL However, it says she does have iron deficiency anemia and recommended a ferritin (iron) work up done (which we just did today).

This is kind of a pain in the neck LOL It's good she apparently doesn't have the thalassemia (though the dr did say we should retest in a few years just to be 110% sure as it sometimes can show up later) but at least if she did and was iron deficient we'd know why. Now we have to figure out why/if there's a family history of "regular" iron deficient anemia/etc. As far as I can find out so far there is none on my side... so I guess I'll blame dh Wink