Irregular cycles - charting advice?

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Irregular cycles - charting advice?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): My cycles are irregular. Have any of you figured out how to successfully chart to achieve pregnancy? If so ? advice on where to start?

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I used Fertility Friend to chart. About 6 months into charting I got pregnant with Robbie. I had the thermometer on my beside table and put my alarm on every day. It is important to temp at the same time everyday. I was on CD 80 when I got my BFP and that was 14 DPO.

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My cycles were never as wonky as Margaret's but they would range from 24 days to 35 days. I was never able to temp successfully but I watched my cervical mucus and made sure to DTD as soon as I noticed the change to EWCM. I might get EWCM as early as CD9 or as late as CD20, but I could expect AF to arrive 14 days after the second day of EWCM.

I think my biggest problem with charting was that I don't sleep through the night. I usually get up once or twice a night to use the bathroom and/or get a drink of water, so I rarely had the minimum four hours of sleep required for temping. Here are a few other tips: if AF starts after 8pm, count it as starting the next day; spotting and brownish blood don't count as AF, you want a flow of red blood to start counting; and a lot of guys find it difficult emotionally to be expected to perform on demand when you say you're ready, i.e. ovulating, so unless you know you have a problem with scheduling or that he has weak sperm or something of that sort, you might just want to stick with DTD every other day for the fun of it rather than making it a task that he needs to perform, kwim? Good luck!

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After my DD was born, I had very irregular and long cycles. I assume it was related to breastfeeding Smile In any case, I temped and that is how I discovered that I was also having short luteal phases. I'm not sure I would have identified that issue without the temping, so I'm a huge charting advocate.

I combined temping with using ovulation predictor kits (I use a fertility monitor now, but that was not working with my long irregular cycles). I also checked cervical mucous, cervix position and for a time, tried to use a fertility microscope. The microscope was fine, but since I was new to using it and you had to wait for the saliva to dry before checking the results, I got frustrated with it. I think if you use it prior and know what to expect / look for, it would be fine to try.

Have you had blood / hormone testing done? Your issue with irregular cycles may be easily fixed and then temping would also be easier Smile

Good luck!