Just had to share..

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Just had to share..

Since this is my 8th pregnancy and we have experienced loss too many times we have both decided we will not speak of this pregnancy to anyone until maybe 20+ weeks. So last night we are at the dinner table and DS sitting next to me says "mommy you're feeding the baby in your tummy?" completely shocked I asked "where he heard that from or who told him mommy had a baby?" he replied " no one, I put my head on your belly and it told me." I was speechless, shocked, and confused. How could my 6 yr old son know something like that?

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A kid instinct? Maybe he overheard you and DH talking about it? Maybe just a coincidence? It's pretty cool though Smile


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DH and rarely talk about it. To be honest I try to forget I am even pregnant. I think chances of him over hearing us are slim but still possible kids are smart, I wouldn't put it past him for a second. I have no clue how he knew, just amazed about the whole conversation.

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Awww, out of the mouth of babes!

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Too cute!

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Personally, I believe little ones have a way of communicating with one another that we as adults have no concept of! Even if it is just a 6th sense type thing.. Regardless if it was by feeling, being told or overhearing you and DH, how absolutely precious! :love10: Here's to a HH9M!!

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That's amazing, and I have a similar story! I had a very early miscarriage, I hadn't even told my DH because the next day was his birthday so I was going to wrap up the stick as a gift for him. I was sitting on the floor crying. My daughter was about three at the time and she came over & gave me a big hug & said quietly, "It's OK, Mama, you'll have another baby." :shock: There was absolutely no way she should have known, I hadn't said anything to a soul, she hadn't seen me buying a pregnancy test or taking it, nothing, no way, no how. But she knew. Smile

Wishing you a healthy & peaceful rest of your pregnancy!

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Oh my gosh that is too cute. I defiantly feel they know some how. I thank you for the healthy wishes, although I am having a m/c. Maybe our 9th time our will be better.

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Some people are just sensitive to that stuff. When I was pregnant the 1st time, we were going to wait to tell until 12 wks, but we went to synagogue when I was five wks along (pregnancy ended at 6wks), and ALL the men in the synagogue asked me if I was pregnant.

That said, if your son has been aware of some of your other pregnancies, he may have noticed how your behavior changes.

I hope this one works out for you!