Just saying hello but I also have a question

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Just saying hello but I also have a question

Hello my name is Brittney and I just found out I am about 6 weeks pregnant which me and my boyfriend are very excited. This will be my first and well this will not be his lol. My main question is I have a guinea pig whom I treat like my baby and I wanna know do you think it is safe to clean his cage? I use no household cleaners or anything harmful just plain soap and water. But I want to make sure I can clean it. I know cats are a no no. Anything info on this will be helpful thank you! Smile

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If you've had your guinea pig for a while then you're probably fine, and actually cats are also usually fine for most moms. The greatest risk with cats is an initial exposure to toxoplasmosis but most people who have cats for a while already have been exposed. Guinea pigs aren't nearly as likely to transmit toxoplasmosis as cats are, but there's a very small risk especially if you haven't had your pig for very long. You have three options. First is to have a blood test to find out if you've already been exposed to toxoplasmosis; if so, you're fine. Second is to have your boyfriend clean the cage. Third is to wear gloves and make sure there's good ventilation or wear a good face mask. Good luck, and congrats!

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No advice, but Congratulations and Welcome!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love guinea pigs. Smile