Just started birth control...

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Just started birth control...

...for the first time in YEARS due to yet another cyst on my right ovary. I've not TTC in a long time either, but I know the women on this board, and I also know that they know what they are talking about. Smile

I started 7 days ago so I'm on CD 7, and that means this is my 7th day on it. I've been charting for over 60 cycles and this is the first that I've bled this long and this heavily in ALL of them. I thought the BC would make my flow lighter, but I really didn't know what to expect with starting it again after so long. (I'm taking Generess.) I certainly didn't expect to bleed this long. (I tend to bleed for 3-4 days then spot for 3, not bleed red blood for 7!) It may have nothing to do with with the BC because I spotted for like 4-5 days before I started this cycle so I'll never really know, but is this common? It's worse today than yesterday which is also odd. I'm crampy and stuff too. At first I thought it was breakthrough bleeding but that seems to happen mid cycle. I feel like I shouldn't call the doctor yet. It's too soon, but I KNOW my body and this is not normal... but how long to wait?

More news. I go tomorrow for my mammogram and ultrasound. I found a lump in my left breast, and after I was checked by my doctor and her PA, they found two more in the same breast. Yay for me... I'm only 30. So much is going on. Wish me luck. I need prayers good, positive vibes sent my way!

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Jeez lady, it sounds like you're going trhough the mill right now! Firstly, I hope that the lumps found are nothing for you to worry about and I will keep you in my thoughts.

As for the BC, I have no idea but if it was me and I was bleeding that long I would def visit my doctor.

Let us know how you get on.


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I would call the doctor if you have any concerns with the BCP. In my experience with BCP it took a few different kinds to find the "right" one. I'm on them for heavy periods and to help with symptoms of premature ovarian failure. The first kind my doc put me on caused me to bleed/spot for about 3 months straight. I'd have a few days of nothing. Throughout it all I had cramping. I called my doc and she said to give it 3 months for my body to get used to it. After the 3 months, I stopped taking them because the bleeding did not go away and I ran out of samples and wasn't willing to spend $100/month. I was off BCP for about 8 months until I decided to see a different doctor. He said the reason why I bled that long is because the hormones levels in the BCP were too low and they were tri-cyclic pills. He put me on a mono-cyclic pill with higher hormone levels so it's the same dose all month. I take them straight through until I want to get a period or until I spot, then I stop them for a couple days. I have never had any problems with spotting on them other than when it's time to take a break. He also said the cramping is expected when there is bleeding. I also thought BCP would make my periods lighter and less crampy since it is used for that, but that is untrue for me. I still have very heavy/crampy periods.

Lumps on breasts can be so scary and mind consuming. Hopefully they are just cysts. I have a spot on my left breast that I've had u/s a few times and it's normal breast tissue. I have such little natural breasts that I don't have much breast tissue. I still obsess about it though and keep an eye on it. Good luck and keep us updated! (I'm only 30 also.)