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    Hi everyone, so here's my story...

    I misscarried a little over a month ago, me and my bf are not ttc... though i have always said i would not be dissappointed if i did get pregnant, we did decide that it would be better to wait awhile...

    i started the pill on sunday night... monday for the second time ever we did not use protection, because it wasnt readily available and hormones were raging... stupid thing to do... but its done...

    I got home that night and checked my laptop, i didnt know i was ovulating that day... like literally either that day or the next was my main ovulation day...

    After we had sex, i felt weird, just this odd knowing feeling... i felt like i was pregnant... i didnt tell him that, i've only felt this way before when i was pregnant before my miscarraige, i just knew then, just like i'm pretty sure i know now... the feelings only gotten stronger...

    so now i'm trying to figure out what to do if i am pregnant, it isnt the right time, and i'm not a contender for adoption and i do not believe abortion is EVER an option... i am proceeding as if I am until i confirm either way... better to play it safe... my period is due the 24th or 25th... i already have sore breasts though i know its far too soon for that and it could be my body preparing for it after the miscarraige like my body knows or something idk... maybe its placeabo effect...

    i also have had mildish brown discharge today, VERY faint...

    my LMP was june 25th, 2012 i have a 29 day cycle not 28...

    anyway i'm kinda scared now, i wont be able to test for two weeks, but I just know that i am... i'm scared, but i'm happy, i want this baby, as much as the timing is off... any advice??? on anything??? and please dont talk to me about birth control... i know the whole protection thing is something i should have done... i dont need a lecture on it... but yah any advice on anything would be wonderful



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    Cycles following miscarriages can often be very wacky. I know that on average, most women won't experience ovulation "on time" necessarily, nor will their cycle be predictable. In addition, taking the pill can and will cause many symptoms that can mimic pregnancy or even cause spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

    My advice is call your doc and let them know your concerns. Let them advise on you on what to do about the birth control pills. IN the meantime, take good care of yourself and treat yourself as if you MAY be pregnant. That way, if there is a little one you will know you got off to a healthy start!


    Please keep us posted on what happens!

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