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I was reading an article about how so many % of women will never leave the house without wearing make-up.

What's your stance on this?

I honestly, since having DD have not been so vain when it comes to make-up. I used to have to wear it whereve I went but now, and time has a lot to do with it, I NEVER wear it.... unless I'm going out and dressing up.

I'm lucky that I don't have skin where I need to wear it, but then it would be nice to have time to lol!


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I used to wear it before kids, due to the nature of the job I was in. I think it helps an esthetician look more professional. Now, I rarely wear it. If I go out for random errands, I don't bother. I have relatively good skin though, if I had more issues, I might do more.

If I go out for a night or to a gathering, I will put on some concealer and a bit of eyeshadow and liner. I never wear lipstick or foundation.

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i will not ever leave the house without foundation on. i have dark circles under my eyes and i look like a different person once i put foundation over them. if the rare chance happens where i forget to put it on i will stop somewhere and buy some. not joking!! lol. Dark circles seriously make me look older and super tired and I feel so ugly so no, i never leave without it on:p the only other make up i will wear is mascara or sometimes eyeshadow and i only put that on sometimes i am ok leaving the house without that on lol.

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I rarely (like once a year) wear a foundation. But when I leave the house, i try to have a little eyeshadow and mascara on.. makes me feel a little better. But I don't fret if I am face-nekked!

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I usually put on foundation, blush, powder and mascara every day. My face has freckles so I feel like I need it to even me out a bit. I use to go all out with eye shadow and eye liner but I am over all that effort.

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At minimum I have to have mascara because I have white/blonde haid and eyelashes. If I don't wear mascara I look like a ghost!

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I never wear make up. Maybe the occasional touch of concealer to hide a bad zit or some powder when I remember, but that's it. I never have... never really cared one way or the other about it and just generally can't be bothered. Take me as I am! Smile

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I never wear make up. I don't know how to apply it properly so i always look fake when i try to wear some.

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I wear Bare Escentuals and it's like not even having make up on. It is so light you don't even know it's on. In the winter, I will not go out without concealer and the foundation, but in the summer time, I don't care, unless I'm going out to dinner or someplace important.

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I used to be all about my makeup before I had Jace, but these days, I can go without it. I will admit though, that my self esteem is higher when I do wear it.

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In high school I never went without makeup~ I did the whole workup~ now after 4 almost 5 kids I only wear it when we go out for date night and than it's only mascara, some blush and lip gloss, nothing to fancy...

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I don't typically wear it but... Since I am a SAHM, I prefer to get 'pretty' on the weekends so I do put it on before we go out, even just for errands. Also, I have really short hair so sometimes, if I have to do something midweek, I'll throw on some quick mascara and lipgloss but not the whole shebang.

I do love to buy make-up, though, especially lipgloss. I am addicted. I have so many colors, brands, styles. I also don't wear much when I put it on, more of a natural look.