"Mature" & expecting - prenatal testing?

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"Mature" & expecting - prenatal testing?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I'm 35+ (ok ? actually 40 in a few weeks) and pregnant. For those more 'mature' moms, did you have all of the typical prenatal tests? It is my understanding that within the results it would automatically rank us higher risk due to my age alone. Termination is not something I'll consider. This is likely my only pregnancy as this took 5 years of trying. I don't want to be stressed the entire time but want to know if there is a reason I should consider pushing ahead with the tests? Thanks!

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I was 39 when I finally fell successfully and I refused the screening.
Fore also termination was not an option and this child was going to be loved whether a normal healthy special child or special child with a few issues.
My pregnancy was mostly stress free... A bit of bleeding from walls not cervix and gd was annoying but I felt amazing and wasn't worried about my cargo as such

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I will be 20wks pregnant when I turn 43 in a month. I was 40 when DS2 was born.
I also had a long often painful (emotionally) TTC journey, and I chose to do all the testing.

Many people say they opt out of testing because termination isn't an option. I'm not sure why people think that testing =willing to terminate??
I did the NT testing to have a chance to reassure myself that everything was going well, to get the reassurance of seeing the baby's heartbeat. I did amnio with my last baby, because after going through a stillbirth, I didn't want any surprises when "birth"day came. I have known friends who got devastating news about their newborns shortly after birh, and it can seem even more devastating when you were so elated only moments before. I wanted to have the time to prepare and be knowledgeable about what we might be up against.

It's also nice to get 100% confirmation of gender Smile

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Double post

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I am not even in a high risk group and my doctor acted like I was nutty to refuse testing. For me I can see it from both sides, even though termination is not an option if something were to be known it might be nice to prepare, but I am a person that will go overboard with the anxiety.

Be prepared to have to push a bit harder that you do NOT want testing, I imagine they will try to push you a bit harder just because of your age.

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I would do testing. I'm in the "want to be prepared" group. There are already so many changes associated with your life with having a baby. If there was something that would be an even greater challenge, I would appreciate the option to seek out the societies and figure out what assistance/support I would have before I have the child.

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I was 38 when my daughter was born and 43 when my son was born. I would have considered termination if either of them had a serious health issue but my reasoning for the testing was far more than that because, as someone else already noted, information doesn't necessary mean you'll want to terminate. Both times I was planning a home birth so I opted for testing (CVS and a detailed anatomy scan) to make sure that there was nothing that would preclude a safe home birth. There are a lot of things that can complicate birth & require immediate treatment, but that don't mean the kind of long-term suffering that some of us don't want our children to have to deal with. There's a big middle ground.

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Congrats on your news, you must be over the moon after trying for so long! In response to your question, I was 35+ with my second and with the two early miscarriages I've had. I will be 41 in December and we are trying for our last. With that said, I was offered additional testing even with my son 4-1/2 yrs ago. As to whether you do the tests, it really would be up to you, some people don't want to know because they wouldn't terminate anyway. Others want the knowledge, even if they don't plan to terminate, simply so they can research and learn of any birth defects / chromosome issues and be able to have the best knowledge and learn of resources/support groups, etc. so that they can be the most effective advocate for their child. It is a tough, personal decision - Hugs!