This may be a sensitive subject but....

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This may be a sensitive subject but....

I was just curious, for those that have had them, how soon after you have a D&C can you get pregnant. My brothers ex is trying to say she is pregnant, this is after already claiming she was and she miscarried but she really wasn't pregnant it was just cysts but is still trying to lead my brother to believe she was, anyway, she is trying to say she is pregnant again, about 5 weeks along but if that is true she would have had to get pregnant the same week she had the D&C.

She has already been caught telling several lies, including one to my brother about the "miscarriage" saying the dr's did a test on the 6 week old "baby" that was removed by the D&C and found out it was a girl. Though the dr told my brother that there would have been no dad involved in what he removed.

Anyway, so I was just curious if she really could be pregnant or if she is trying to pull one on my family again.

Please tell me what you know about D&C's and how soon you can get pregnant after having one done.

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Hi Krista! So sorry your bro is dealing with an imbecile. Sad

I don't know much about *when* you can get preggo after a D&C but I can speak from experience. When I had to have one, I had HEAVY HEAVY bleeding for about 2-3 days, then light for awhile (can't remember exactly how long) and so sore. I'd challenge any man to get loving' during that time. Highly unlikely! Lol. If she was already back in the game, she must recover with lightning speed. I would bet she is playing around. I'll be curious what advice others might have. HTH!

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When I had mine they were very adamant about nothing going in until the bleeding stopped (no sex, tampons...) because of true risk for infection.

From what I know, your body thinks you are pregnant up until when you have a D&C. It is extremely unlikely that ovulation occurs when pregnant. I did ovulate 2 weeks after my D&C.

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Im not saying it COULDN'T happen... but the likelyhood is so close to impossible..its just about impossible.

When you have a D&C, they remove the pregnancy (or tissue) and along with that the lining that has been built by your body. Without that lining a pregnancy cannot be supported. Even if by some crazy miracle she DID manage to ovulate days after, and DID manage to conceive, implantation would be really REALLY difficult. And again, if implantation DID happen the lining would more than likely not be sufficient enough to support growth.

I would definitely be wary of her story.

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I have to agree with PP. From what I understand you can (and plenty of women do) get pregnant the cycle following a D&C, but I would think it just about impossible for her to have O'd and conceived just days after a D&C. Though, it MIGHT be more likely if she wasn't pg then (and are you sure she had a D&C?) was due to O around that time anyway.

In any case, the woman sound completely certifiable and my recommendation would be for your brother to stop having any dealings with her. He definitely needs to go to her first OB appt with her for the dating u/s. If he's standing right there when the doc does the u/s, then he can be sure.

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Your brother should know if they even DTD during that time. From what others are saying they wouldn't even have been able to do that so soon after her D&C. If they didn't then there should be no question as to her being pg or not right?

Just my 2cents.. Smile

Oh and I agree with pp she sounds certifiable!

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When my Bro asked the dr about the miscarriage and baby the dr flat out told my bro that there was no dad involved in what he did the D&C for. She ended up flipping out on my bro Sunday and then took some pills trying to kill herself (for the second time in less then 2 months) and the police officer told my bro not to let her back in and that she needed some serious help. Claiming to be pregnant is only one of the many things that have made us think that there is something wrong with her. She has gotten so good at lying that she believes her own lies. I just hope she gets the help she needs, and honestly hope to God she isn't really pregnant so my bro doesn't have to have any dealings with her ever again.

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I agree with what people are saying. I think she's full of her self and is trying to do anything to not lose your brother. I hope for her sake and everyone else's she does get the help she needs. And I agree with you I hope for your brothers sake she really isn't pregnant so he'd not tied to her for the rest of his life.

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Ita pp's would not trust her...That said, my sil got pregnant within 2 wks of her d&c and carried her son with no problems.