"My" Anniversary: A 10th Anniversary Event! Enter Now!

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"My" Anniversary: A 10th Anniversary Event! Enter Now!

This event is now closed. Winner Announced below!

How to Enter: Entering couldn't be simpler! Simply share YOUR Pregnancy.org Anniversary date (i.e. the day you joined the site) and the story behind it! What brought you here and, even better, what keeps you here?

What's the giveaway?

Congratulations to our winner: JorgieGirl

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One winner will be drawn from among all eligible entries received.

Game Rules:


  • By participating in this event, you agree to abide by Pregnancy.org's 10th Anniversary On-Site Giveaways Official Rules and those specific to this giveaway below.
  • You may enter until the deadline on Saturday, September 10th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.
  • One entry per person.
  • All posts must adhere to our Community Guidelines (Remember - we are a family friendly site and this is meant to be fun. Smile Inappropriate content will be removed and may cause a temp. ban if warranted.)
  • Need help finding your joined date? Look under your username/avatar to the left for general joined date (Month/Year). If you want to be even more specific, click on your username and go to your profile.)
  • The deadline for entries is Saturday, September 10th @ 11:59 p.m. One (1) winner will be selected in a random drawing from all eligible entries received.

    This is a part of our special Pregnancy.org's 10th Anniversary celebration taking place today and throughout the week on our Anything Board! Keep watch for updates on our announcement for many more opportunities to win!

    Who's Invited: Anyone and everyone! Be sure to share our celebration with your friends throughout the site and on Facebook and/or Twitter as well!

    Happy Anniversary to us all!!

    ~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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    December 2009 is my pre.org anniversary. I had lost my Grandad (and it was his birthday today) in October that year and we had moved back closer to family not long after. I told hubby on our wedding anniversary ( December 29) I wanted to start ttc. I started searching the internet for information on charting and getting pregnant. I found a birth board and started posting and now the ladies on my board are like friends or family. This site has been an amazing support from ttc to raising my little man and everything in between.

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    My anni date is Nov 2007.

    As soon as I discovered I was pregnant I scoured the WWW and found preg. org (luckily!). I have stayed because one day I do hope to have another LO and experiencing the whole pregnancy with other women to me, was amazing. Any questions I had, there was always someone who could answer for me. When DD was in hospital after her birth, the support I got from the ladies was so heart warming. I don't know, it just feels like a little family and you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy this wonderful community.


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    I joined pg.org in May 2008. My first pregnancy was very unexpected, unplanned, and truth be told, unwanted at first. I was engaged and my fiance and I were looking forward to enjoying those first newlywed years together. I came across pg.org through a google search, and posted something in regards to my freaked out status about that pregnancy. Right away, I received responses from ladies who had been there/done that and assured me everything would be ok. And of course, they were right. Our daughter has been the absolute delight of our lives and we are now expecting our 2nd. Pg.org has been a vital part of my support system since I joined the Jan. 09 board. I consider many of those women to be true friends, though we've never met.

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    My preg.org anniversary is September, 2007. I joined when we were first thinking of conceiving our first child. I googled "conceiving and pregnancy" and that sent me here. I think my very first post was on the "thinking of conceiving" board! When I did conceive my first in July of 2008, I joined my BB April '09 and the ladies on there have been a wonderful support for the past three years. I am now newly pregnant with my second and I am looking forward to getting to know a new group of ladies in May '12. The BBs are an invaluable source of support!

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    My ORG Anniversary is April of 2007.

    I had been aching for a little one, and without DH knowing I started tracking cycles and "planning" LOL! I found the ORG after trying out a few other places (which were awful). I remember lurking on the FEB 08 board PRAYING it would be mine... but I had to wait a few more months, and landed in July 08..where I made AMAZING friendships that have lasted thus far! I was also honored to be part of Nov 09...where I did not get to stay, but STILL, again, have amazing friends from there. And my final home, July 10!!!

    The ORG has been my everything for 4 years... this is the place I go for comfort, for laughs, for support. Without it, I am not sure I would be who I am today!!!

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    My anniversary is Jan. 2008

    I joined the org shortly after my husband left for his second deployment to Iraq. We were hoping to conceive before he deployed but that did not work in our favor. He was gone from December 2007-Feburary 2009 and the org kept me going. I needed the support of these women to get me through my lonely days. They helped me obsess and dream and keep hope that pregnancy and my husband's return was on my horizon! Then we conceived our son upon his return from that deployment and then these girls walked me through him leaving for his third deployment. He deployed for his third and final time, leaving me and our 5 month old son behind to wait.. He came home to visit us for his mid-tour break and we got pregnant with our daughter! I have cried with these girls, laughed with this girls and disagreed with them, but most of all, I have formed 'mom' bonds that are stronger than those of my IRL friends!

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    My pregnancy.org anniversary is October 2009. After two very early m/c's over the past year, we were TTC again, and--extra nervous now--I was hunting for any and all information and support I could find about TTC after a miscarriage. I found the preg.org forums, and never looked back. And it turned out I got my BFP that very month and was able to move very quickly to the June 2010 birth board, and Birthing Naturally board soon after that--the rest is history! I have even made IRL friends on preg.org. It's a resource that has sustained me through one of the biggest changes in life, and I don't know what I would have done without it!

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    My PG.org anniversary is Oct 2007.

    I also found this site through Google, while I was getting ready to start TTC. I hung out on the Thinking of Conceiving board for a bit but quickly made TTC: Just Let It Happen my home. We started TTC in Dec 07 and this site was a godsend through that, as well as through my first BFP, and the miscarriage that followed weeks later. The ladies from my DS's birth boards have been amazingly supportive and I feel like we've been great friends for ages, despite the fact that I've never met any of them in person Smile We are now TTC #3 and I'm so thankful that I have other women to obsess with over symptoms and charts while we wait for our BFPs!

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    My .org Annniversary is January 2008.

    With all my boys I had friends who were TTC at the same time we were. When we decided to start trying for our last LO (hopefully a girl hence the username) I didn't know anyone and decided to look online for new friends who were going through and experiencing similar things. That is when I found Pregnacy.org. And I can truly say I have been addicted ever since. An amazing group of ladies with the ability to share and sympathize, but at the same time tell me to get over it when I truly need it ;).

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    My pg.org anniversary date is September 2001 (maybe before that... I can't remember. It was before the site actually launched). I left the boards in 2005 and came back in 2007 while pg with DD2. I had forgotten my username and password so I started over fresh Smile

    I followed Mollee over from babycenter when I was pg with DD1. I've been here with each of my pregnancies and have learned a lot from this community! What keeps me here (or coming back anyways) is the great sense of support and community.

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    My join date is Jan 2010, which is the month DH and I decided we would start TTC later in the year. I was doing lots of research and charting to get myself ready. The boards were really here for me during some tough moments when it took a lot longer than we thought it would to conceive (9 months). Finally at the end of March this year we got our BFP, and I have loved being able to stick around on my birth board!! Smile

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    I joined in Jan 2010. I was pregnant at the time and had experienced bleeding and was looking for answers. Because of the bleeding, I lurked on the June 2010 board for a few months before being assured of a healthy pregnancy and joining.

    The women I met on the June 2010 board are amazing. A lot of them are firm believers in natural childbirth, and actually taught me a lot about having a natural childbirth myself. I think I really owe them for that.

    After having a M/C this May, I've gotten to know the girls on the TTCAL board. They have been so supportive and encouraging. It's helped me heal from that heartbreak and prepare myself to TTC again.

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    My pg.org anniversary is July 2007. DH and I were thinking of ttc but I had concerns about being able to conceive/have a healthy pregnancy being plus sized. I found lots of reassurance on pg.org from other plus sized mommies and ttc'ers that i could have a healthy pregnancy and baby, despite being plus sized. I became pregnant with my first DS in Jan. 2008!

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    My pg.org anniversary is January 2007.

    After having Robbie I had severe PPD. I had issues reaching out and getting help so 18 months later the PPD was still going strong. I finally decided to look for an on-line group and found pg.org. The support helped and I have been here ever since.

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    My anniversary is August 2007. I came here right after I found out I was PG for the first time, but I miscarried shortly after joining. Pregnancy.org became the place for healing and trying again. I posted all through my m/c woes and then continued posting with my second pregnancy. I found solace in being able to connect with other women through this important stage of our lives.

    Somewhere on this website, I have a birth story post and I was a part of the 2008 December Sugarplums (although DD came 10 days early and we ended up having a two day old baby join our Thanksgiving celebration). Smile

    I have been gone for about 2 1/2 years, to focus on DH, DD, and job, but I am now back as we embark on our try for Baby #2!

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    I joined March 6, 2009. It was a few days after I got my BFP. I was the first person in my group of friends to get pregnant. The last baby in my family had been born about 10 years earlier. So I didn't have any other mom's (my age) to turn to for advice and support. My husband is a trucker and isn't home very often which didn't help with my loneliness! Thankfully I found PG.org! I have learned so much on this website and have developed some wonderful mom-friendships!! I'm TTC again and looking forward to joining my 2nd birth board. It's so much fun to "see" each other throughout our pregnancies.

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    My anniversary is January 2007.

    I found this site by searching for signs of pregnancy. We were not actually TTC just yet but I thought (and hoped ;)) I might be. Little did I know at the time, TTC would be a long journey for us. The women on the boards here helped get me through our struggle with infertility, surgeries, a devastating miscarriage and a rocky pregnancy. Now I am happy to have joined the TTC grads board and I have some wonderful ladies that are there for me when I want to gripe, laugh or ask questions.

    I really don't know what I would do without this site. It's been the most wonderful blessing. Biggrin

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    February 2010 is my preg.org anniversary date!

    (m/c mentioned briefly)

    My husband and I got engaged in November 2009 and decided to start trying for a family a couple months before our wedding in April 2010. After a decade of trying to prevent pregnancy, I had no idea what I should be doing (other than the obvious Wink ) to prepare for pregnancy.

    We thought it'd take at least 6 months to conceive, though I have no idea where we came up with that! After a chemical pregnancy in February 2010, we conceived our daughter in March and I gave birth on Thanksgiving Day 2010.

    Not only was my m/c very heartbreaking for me and hard to cope with, but I ended up having a surprisingly difficult and painful pregnancy and a bit of a frightening labor with my daughter. I don't know what I would have done without the support of all the women on this site! They've been amazing!

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    I joined Pregnancy.org in late January 2002. I found the site after getting my first positive pregnancy test and had somehow linked to their pregnancy calendar. Then I joined my birth board, September 2002. Ironically enough, I did not feel very bonded to the women there, and left before half way through my pregnancy, but once I had my daughter I wanted to see everyone else's baby and show off my own, so I came back. I am so very bonded to all those ladies now, we have all been friends for over 9 years now!

    I joined more groups over the years, my son's birth board (January 2005), and sadly the Miscarriage/Stillbirth support group, TTCAL, and many more: Large Families, DYSAL, LDS, Birth Boards for my miscarriages (Dec 2008 and Mar 2008), Everything Breastfeeding, Extended Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding/Formula Debate Board, and my new favorites, Pregnant with Twins/Multiples, and Parents of Twin Multiples.

    I have met so many wonderful ladies through these boards, more than I few that I have met in person. Many of my IRL friends know how much I talk about my online friends and what is going on in their lives. I love it here!

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    September 2006 is my pregnancy.org anniversary! 5 years this month! I joined in early September. In the previous month and a half, DH and I had gotten married and settled into our first apartment and he had started grad school. I wanted a baby right away, but he wanted to wait several years. I found the TOC board a perfect fit and made some wonderful friends. And 6 months later, when he changed his mind, I was thrilled to get to join one of the birth boards: December 2007. Since then we've added two more boys and I have been so lucky to share my pregnancies, births, and growing boys with such an amazing group of women. We've moved several times, so I haven't been able to form many long-term friendships in real life. It's so helpful knowing the ladies on here are always around when I need them. :bighug: thanks so much.

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    I originally joined back in 2005 with the pregnancy of my first daughter - September 26, 2006 and then again in 2008 with the pregnancy of my second daughter. Joined just recently again for my third pregnancy due in May 2012.

    I joined www.pregnancy.org because of the calendar. It is one of the most comprehensive ones out there and I recommend it to all of my friends. I really like the Community as well. The women on this site are all remarkable!! Congratulations Pregnancy.org.

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    My anniversary is March 2008, when I found out I was pg. I joined the Nov 08 board soon after. Then earlier this year when my son was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder I joined the birth defects and special needs board. Those ladies have been wonderful to me and provided me with the support I needed. My son was in the hospital this weekend and one of the ladies I am friends with on FB posted about it on the board for me, I couldn't be more grateful for their support.

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    March 2006...
    I was still in school but got hit by the baby fever... googled " I want to have a baby" and wouldn't you know it, Pg.org shows up and I joined the TOC ( Thinking of conceiving ) board.
    My username at the time was Arianrhod.

    I moved over to the TTC boards and sat there for a long time. Then I joined the greatest board ever... April 08... it's still going strong! How cool is that?

    After a computer glitch I was having a hard time logging in so I changed my name to Stupid Computer to reflect my mood.

    Joined the December 09 birth board for a brief 5weeks and then got to stay on with July 2010.

    I've made some great friends on this board. I've met a few IRL and would like to meet a few more.

    Thanks PG.Org.

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    My join date was June 2004.
    I was curious about getting pregnant...and didn't want to ask any friends. I felt very comfortable here and thought the advice I received was AWESOME!
    Now I check in everyday! I love Preg. org!!!!

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    I joined March 2003 just days before our first bfp with our now Almost 8 year old girl. My husband actually joined searching for info as we'd been 6 months already TTC. Maybe joining was part of our goodluck charm!

    Why still here? Look at the list of Birth boards - I'm on Nov 2003, July 2005 and May 2010...need I say more?

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    I joined in May 2006 when I was expecting my first baby. Now baking #3...

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    I know that this anniversary date says June 2007, but it actually was 11/06. In 6/07, they had issues with some people not being able to log in, so I had to start over. But I started searching online for ttc after my sister died. She passed shortly after having her beautiful boy. Now rewind 12 years earlier. She was expecting her first child shortly after my dd was born. We had anticipated our kids to grow up together, etc and was anticipating our dream of our kids' relationships to come true. But it didn't. Her daughter died a day before she was due to be born. Our dream was on hold. Now fast forward 12 years. DH and I were ttc before and while my sister was expecting for about 2 years with no success. When she passed away, my mind went into urgency mode to figure out what may be the problem. That's when I found this site. It helped me realize that I should go in to be checked. Because of this site, I found out I had PCOS. I found this place to be invaluable ever since. We've successfully had three healthy children, YaY! Nevermind, I share the same birthday as the site, haha! Smile

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    Mine is August 2007. I had previously used another pregnancy site, during my first pregnancy. There was an excessive amount of drama on the site, and it eventually fizzled to nothing, so by the middle of my second pregnancy, I had no forums! I was thrilled to join pg.org, and even though at first, I felt like I had to start entirely over again, I've made good friends from both birth boards so far (and now, starting on a new one.. Smile ) I have to say, the support shared on our boards, whether it be TTC losses, childhood diseases, and EVERYTHING else... such close friendships can form!

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    I joined in January 2007, a couple weeks after my first BFP. I was doing a google search for baby names, I'm sure, and this was among the sites that came up. Clicking around the site, I found the boards- first my state board (which wasn't very active), then my due date board.

    The girls on my due date board kept me here and kept me sane! It's been nearly 5 years, and many of us are still in touch.

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    I joined in mid-October 2001 ... so it's almost my 10 year anniversary too. I was days away from having my first child. The October Treats, all due that month, moved en mass from Baby Center. We loved the idea of the forums here on pg.org, and how easy it was to share photos and have threads. It quickly became our new home, and we spent so many hours here sharing and growing together. Our kids are turning 10 now, and our board here dissolved years ago. Most of us are still connected on Facebook, and are grateful for meeting each other online (one mom is godmother to my daughter, I'm the godmother to another's daughter). I miss the days of daily posting ... even the birth board of my youngest (July 08) has really slowed down.

    I'm still here though ... I'm a mod for the Scrapbooking board, and while that board has slowed down too, I check it almost every day. I peek on the Photography board (I miss posting there but have been busy) and sometimes on the Cloth Diapering board. I love the community here, so I'm not going anywhere.

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    Joined in February 2007, not really understanding what BB etiquette was. I had just suffered another early loss in my TTC journey and just jumped right in and posted on the TTC for the 1st Time board. I was welcomed with open arms and understanding, and haven't left since! I've made such great friends over the years, many women from the TTC board ended up on DS's BB, which was wonderful. It's a great community here and I love it!

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    My anniversary date is April 2007

    I had been TTC for almost 3 years and really needed support. My RLFs had no idea what I was going through and didn't understand why I felt like I did. I did a google search and found this site (thank god!!). The ladies on the clomid board really gave me the support I needed. I then ventured out to some other boards and have gotten nothing but support and caring. I honestly do not know how I would have survived TTC without this place. Not only did they keep me sane during TTC, but they were the biggest support when DH & I starting having marital problems. For that, I will be forever grateful to them, since again my ILF was the source of the problems between us and I couldn't talk to them. My husband and I have tried for 7 years, everything short of IVF as we cannot afford it. Right now, we are just letting nature take its course...if it happens, it happens. I would really like to sit down and talk about adoption with him soon.

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    My anniversary is November 9th, 2007. I found out I was pregnant on November 6th 2007 with my first. Though my pregnancy was planned and I was really excited, I was scared out of my mind (like many other women I'm sure!). So I googled pregnancy and found the org. I lurked my birth board for a little while before I finally got the guts up to actually start talking to people. I loved this place from the very beginning and have made some amazing friendships along the way. I have gotten to meet 8 of my wonderful birthboard moms and babies and can't wait to meet new ones from my new board!!!

    I should also add that this is really where my passion for photography started. Finally finding the photography board really kick started my need for learning and growing in photography.

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    March 2007 - I was starting Clomid and desperate to talk to people who had BTDT. I joined the clomid board and eventually branched out to the other boards - especially the TTCFTFT board and the IVF board. I've stayed because I have made some lifelong friendships and would hate to lose touch and really Its just fun to be here. Smile

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    I joined in 2007 after struggling to get pregnant with my second child. I was given Clomid by my OBGYN and I had no idea about the "world" of infertility. I didn't like what "Dr. Google" had to tell me and frankly is scared the crud out of me. I wanted to hear what real women had to say about the drug and its use. I graduated to the IVF board after my clomid tryout failed. This was an invaluable resource to me as I completed two IVF cycles, the second of which gave us my daughter!

    I love the ladies here and the sense of community. I had been a long time lurker of the April 08 board after my first failed IVF attempt and have kept up with those ladies ever since. I recently came out of lurkdom and am so happy I did!

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    October 2005 - I joined after having my DS#2 in July of that year. I was just sitting at work looking for stuff about newborns when I came across this site. I've been here since & have two more children. I've made wonderful friends & always know that I can come here for any advice I need, to vent or just for fun.

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    I joined in June 2006. My hubby and I had been married almost a year, and I was getting extremely clucky, so I googled "Pregnancy" and PO was the first site that came up. I spent about a week reading all of the articles before I realized that it had bulletin boards too. I was hooked immediately! I started out on the TOC board, and got to know some women that I still see around on the GDB today.

    This site has been an amazing source of support while pregnant, breastfeeding, TTC, miscarriages, every thing that has happened to me on during my journey to have kids, and I consider some of the people that I have met on here dear friends, even though I have never met them IRL

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    April 2007. I had just decided that I wanted to TTC...and thought my DH was on board as well. Turns out it took him a couple more months to be sure, so I hung out on the Just Let It Happen board, knowing that when the time came, that's how we would approach TTC. In July 2007, we decided to give it a shot and a month later, I found myself on the April 2008 board. This was (and still is) the most amazing group of girls - I learned so much from them. And in January 2008, when DS arrived nearly 3 months early, I had the best support system in the world on pg.org...from both my birth board and from the parents of preemies board. This online community became my source of info and support - a place to find an answer to a question, celebrate milestones, or just to vent about a crappy day. I still find myself on the site almost daily!

    "stupidcomputer" wrote:

    I moved over to the TTC boards and sat there for a long time. Then I joined the greatest board ever... April 08... it's still going strong! How cool is that?


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    My anniversary with Pg.org is November 2006! I was a few months pregnant and decided I wanted to keep an online pregnancy journal - so I searched around online and found the Pregnancy Journals forum.
    Within a couple of days, I got a PM from someone who had read my journal, and invited me to join the July 2007 Birth Board - which of course I had no idea about! I felt so welcomed right away, and made some wonderful friends! Since then I've posted actively on birth boards for all 3 of my children, and a handful of other boards as well.

    Pg.org is so much a part of my daily routine that my DH asks when he gets home from work, "Anything new and exciting on the boards today?" Biggrin I feel like I know so many of these wonderful women personally even though we have never met. This site is the first place I come for help and answers when I need it!

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    My anniversary date is July 2003

    I was fresh out of hs and in a new relationship. I became pregnant there after and was part of the March 04 board. Tho i did not stay due to a loss. Even tho i was no longer pregnant life was throwing me curveballs and preg.org gave me somewhere to turn to. Through 2 losses, domestic violence and a divorce. There was always somewhere someone could help me ever if it were with a smiley. I ventured away for awhile but still lurked till 2008 when i became preg again!! After one more loss Finally i found a board i was able to stick to NOV 09 mommies Smile They are great support and honestly we talk about EVERYTHING!!! Thanks preg.org for giving us the chance to bond and know one another. :):yahoo:

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    My anniversary date is Jan 2006. My sister had been here for awhile and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I had my first baby 2 years after joining. It's slightly addictive! I think the best thing about it though, is I met a friend here who became a friend in real life and she's now one of my very best friends. She even came to the birth of my second baby.

    Happy Anniversary pregnancy.org!

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    I joined pg.org in early 2008. I had been with my DH (DF at the time) for about 5.5 years and we had our wedding set for September of that year. I had just gone to the doctor the month before to get on birth control. It had been a while since I used BC (we had just used condoms for a while), and as soon as I started taking the pills to PREVENT pregnancy, it ignited a gigantic baby fever that has really never faded since then. I started looking up pregnancy online, and I was particularly fascinated by the week-by-week updates on fetal development. I found pg.org and read article after article on all things pregnancy. It took a while before I discovered the forums, but eventually I did. I started posting on the TOC board, because we were waiting until after our wedding to TTC. I learned how to chart my cycles and ended up quitting the birth control pills I had just started before I even finished the second pack. I wanted to be ready when the time came to start trying! I "met" some wonderful girls there on the TOC board that I still talk to almost every day, 3.5 years later. They were there for me through my m/c, and I've cried for their losses as well. Since joining, I've had two amazing little boys and have had the pleasure of sharing my pregnancies with other girls, as well as getting to share in their joy all the way from TTC to new baby and beyond. Biggrin

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    I joined 1/2010. I was looking for somewhere on line that I could find answers and help to TTC about and then pregnancy. My sisters do not live near so I was in need of some people that I could talk to about pregnancy that could either answer my concerns along with the stories of those going thru the samething at the same time. I stay cause our board has become a friendship. Even with those woman that are onto the next preg they still come on to update us on what is going on. It is so much more then just an online community. It is a sisterhood of fiends!!

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    May 2008

    I found this wonderful website when I got pregnant our first week trying....I was waiting for AF to show up after stopping my BC, only to find out 2 weeks later I was pregnant! I have found so many friends on my Jan 2009 BB I am so happy I found pg.org Smile

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    my anniversary date is feb. 2006. i had just delivered my 3rd baby and was having an awful time breastfeeding.....i found the everything breastfeeding board, and erica archer. wow.....she was a wonderful person, so sincere and kind, and she was such a wealth of knowledge. even though i had successfully breastfed my 1st two babies, my 3rd was giving me the run for my money....erica suggested i get her checked out by a chiropractor....and it was my saving grace.....we did things backwards...we pumped and bottlefed for the 1st 12 weeks, and then we successfully breastfed until my daughter was 15 months old!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! this site is quite awesome.....i then went on and was ttc #4, and became an active member on APRIL 08!!!!! which is an amazing, amazing group of the ladies that still talk daily!!! and even went on to be a mod on the august 2010 board when i was pregnant with baby #5!!!!!! my dh thinks that this board is to blame for #4 and #5.......LOL!!!!!!! anyways......thank you to all the admins.....it has been my saving grace and my go to site for over 5 yrs now!!!!

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    My anniversary is 06/11/07. I was going to be getting married and joined the TTC board because we knew we wanted to starting trying right away. Didn't get pregnant for almost 2 years but met some great girls going through the same thing and it helped me so much. And I honestly can't remember how I found preg.org, I think I had googled a question about ovulation and found the site.

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    My PG.org anniversary is November 2007.

    I joined because when I was pg with baby #1 I googled and found pg.org. I joined and haven't left since! Most of my closest friends are people I've met on pg.org. I have an August 08 baby, a December 09 baby and now am expecting an April '12 baby. Even when I'm not expecting babies I'm on here daily talking with my friends.

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    I just joined the site in February of this year. After I found out I was expecting our third I was searching for sites and came across this one! I wish I would have had found this site when I was pregnant with my first one. There is a lot of great information available and the bullentin boards are great. Love the October 2011 group. A great group of ladies.

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    July 2007. I joined right after DH and I got married. I wanted to be preggo sooo badly, but I just hung out on the TOC board for about a year before I got pregnant with my first. I've been on the boards ever since and have 2 children. I love all the ladies I met on here and am very grateful for this site!

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    I joined in May 2008 after my daughter (#3) was born. I lurked on here my entire pregnancy and then finally decided to join in the fun while I was home on maternity leave.


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