Names for grandparents?

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Names for grandparents?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Debating what my baby will call my parents & in-laws. What name(s) do your kids use for their grandparents?

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My Mum chose to be Mormor, my Dad is Grandad and my MIL is Grandma when we refer to her. She has provided no preference beyond being called by her first name which I told her was disrespectful.

My Son also has a Great Nanna, and had a Nan Nan and Great Grandfather though they sadly passed away last year

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My kids only have three living grandparents. They call my Mom Grandma. My DH calls his Dad Pops. So, I think that is how the name Papa came about for his Dad. Then the kids just used it for my Dad -- except they call him Papa John to differientiate Wink

We call my Grandmother Nanny since she hated the name Grandma!

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My kids call all of the Grandma first name and Grandpa first name. That is also what I called my Grandparents. My husband called his Grandma and Grandpa last name but my MIL didn't want to be Grandma Last name because that was her MIL Smile

They have 2 Great grandmas. One is Great Grandma first name and the other one asked if she could be G.G..

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MIL is Grammie, my mom is Grandma, and the grandfathers are each Grandpa [First Name]. I called my maternal grandparents Nana & Papa, but Papa is what our kids call DH so now when I refer to my grandfather, who is deceased, I say Granddad.

My niece & nephew, who have multiple step-grandparents, have a Grandma [First Name], two Grandpa [First Name], Grammie, Nana, Pops, Grams, Gramps, and Meemee. And they have a great-grandmother they also call Nana but she's on the other side than the grandma called Nana and everyone just seems to know which one they're talking about. Smile

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my mom is gramma, my dad is grampa, my FIL is grandpa (first name) and my MIL is Lola(her request as it means grandma in filipino) and her husband is tito (first name) (even though tito means uncle .....i wanted to call her husband Mr.(his first name) but she thought that was extremely disrespectful....however, calling him tito is pretty much the equalivant of calling him Mr.....but whatever.) and we call my FILs wife tita (first name) since she also is filipino and calling people tito and tita are a respect thing - similiar to calling people mr and mrs.....

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My parents are Grandma and Grandpa last name and so are DH's parents.

There was a fuss about this on DH's side of the family, but thankfully it was straightened out before we had kids. When the first grandchild was a baby she started calling MIL Mama. SIL did not mind this and encouraged it. MIL and FIL became Mama and Papa. That family still calls them thus. Next SIL has her first baby. She has a much different relationship with my In laws than the first SIL. She felt strongly that Mama was a term for Mother and not Grandmother. There were many hurt feelings over the situation, but by the time I had kids no one expected them to call MIL Mama. I am thankful because I would not have been happy with that term. (DH is much younger than other two brothers)

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My DD has 4 living grandparents, but only 1 of them is constantly in her life. That's her Nana, the greatest person she could ask for Smile