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Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): What age did your kids stop taking naps? How long of a nap is typical?

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All of my children still take naps. It is a part of our life. My kids are 8 y/o to 1 y/o. We sleep at least an hour, some longer than others. I personally think the world would be a much better place if people would take naps = )

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Kids aged two to five need between 10 and 12 hours of total sleep per day. If your child is very active, he'll probably need a bit more. My daughter was napping regularly until she was almost five, but she also had a pretty late bedtime because that's what worked for our family at that time. Her total daily sleep was usually about 11 hours between her nap and night sleeping.

My son OTOH started resisting naps before he was two. It was almost like being back to a newborn needing to actively parent him to sleep! That lasted about 6 months before we decided to give up and move his bedtime earlier. Our rule is that even if he doesn't sleep, he has to lie quietly in bed with a book, head on pillow, for at least an hour every day. On the days he does fall asleep, we let him sleep up to two hours. Since he doesn't nap regularly, he goes to bed at 8pm so he can get 11 hours of sleep at night.

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My kids started resisting at 2 and had no luck after 3. Unless they are dead tired or sick, they won't nap. I find it hard because I need to get them in bed by 7:30 pm if I'm going to get them up at 7am.

My oldest had very short naps at daycare and on the weekend would sleep for 4 hours on the weekend (at age 1-2.5y). My youngest (currently 2.5y) also only sleeps for an hour on average at daycare and used to sleep 2 hours on the weekend but now she won't sleep at home and just gets into trouble when we try. They both go to bed at night really easily and sleep all night so I'm ok with the no naps unless I want one!