Need help responding to negative comments about family size!

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Need help responding to negative comments about family size!

Today's question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I have four kids and am pregnant with another. While this latest 'edition' is a surprise, both of us are very happy about our growing family. I would be enjoying my pregnancy if it weren't for all the negative comments! Every day someone has to make a dig. Any suggestions on how to respond?

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My parents had 7 of us. They always said "only a few more needed to make the baseball team."
No one is ever going to be happy with how many kids you have, if you only have one or two they ask if you are going to have another, after three they start asking rude questions about if the third was an accident or what you are doing for birth control. I think the comedic approach is better than trying to beat them in their own society directed opinions on the perfect family.

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I'm actually a firm believer in "replacement theory" so two kids was it for us, end of story, and we made certain there would not be any surprises. But I love what Martha Sears, aka the wife of Dr. William Sears of "attachment parenting" theory fame, has to say about this. From the AskDrSears website: One of her favorite quips when someone voices their concern about her having eight children in an already populated world is: "The world needs my children."