Need some stress relief this holiday season?

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Need some stress relief this holiday season?

Could you use some stress relief this holiday season? Most of us find this time of year... even when we enjoy it to the max... also comes with an amount of stress attached. For some, it is just the hectic schedules. Others feel financial pressure. Others may have experienced loss and find the holidays serve as a reminder. Still others may be under increased stress from other areas -- relationships, jobs, and more.

Whatever your trigger, we invite you to join us in a bit of seasonal Holiday Support! This is hosted by our Biggest Loser club but has no tracking, no sign ups, no pressure involved whatsoever! This is NOT about weight loss / counting calories, exercise, etc. Instead, this is centered solely on opportunities to connect with any members wanting to participate, relax and enjoy new & old friendships! You are welcome to drop in whenever you are able and will find links to various weekly focus themes that you can try to help lower stress throughout the holidays. There are more details within the link! Please take at least a moment to check it out!

Please check out the Holiday Support thread!

I'll look forward to seeing you there!