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Need your help!

Hi all!

I wanted to tap those of you here to see if we can help get more conversations started. I know all of you have wonderful insight, advice, and ideas to share. (I've definitely benefited over the years from your input! LOL)

As most of you have noticed, we now have a "What's New on!" forum. Almost every day there you will find new features going live that you can weigh in on.

*Note* The boards are my passion and this is definitely NOT intended to take their place. Instead, it is hopefully going to grow into another extension of our community... a place that we ALL can add our feedback, suggestions, advice... and heck, even disagree with the author as you'd like (respectfully of course :wink:)

In doing so, you will help our efforts to continue to grow and rebuild -- and attract more users to the site. They in turn will be able to join in the discussions throughout our community -- on featured content, threads/posts on the boards, through blogging, and more!

I actually believe that the quality of new features being promoted is something that you can support (again -- recognizing that support does not always = agreement! Goodness knows we have had that lesson! HA!)

I'm hoping this will be another fun way that we can interact! Feel free to share and invite your other board members to weigh in on any of the links as well.

Remember -- check in daily to see "What's New on!"Click on the links and then add your thoughts in the comments!

~Missy (

P.S. Need help? Just drop me a note via pm or email!

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Given the weak economy, maybe consider starting a "promo, coupon codes, deals" board? Some place where members are able to post info on great buys? Or where you thinking of ways to drum up traffic specific to the "Anything" board?

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Hi Christa!

Thanks for responding! We do have a board similar to what you are referring to. I'd love to see traffic there:

Coupons, Budgets, & More!

Within my post, however, I want to see if we can invite members to regularly check out new features from our "What's New on!" forum... clicking those that interest you or that you may have something to contribute, and visiting to post your comments!

This is a HUGE stretch analogy -- but you know how you see news features on websites like Yahoo, CNN, even Often, the comments contribute to the article (and some are quite entertaining or frustrating -- depending on your pov. LOL)

My hope is we, (self-included!), as members can contribute OUR feedback within the comments... even weighing in on what *others* have posted before us. Again, this is not meant as something to take away from the boards (you know me well enough for that I hope!), but as an extension that will allow us share advice/tips, support others... and even debate and disagree! (Ha! We know that never happens! :roll:)

In time, our comments will encourage others to contribute as well -- including those just visiting the articles with a desire to weigh in... which will, in turn, (hopefully!) entice them to come join in other areas of the site -- particularly the community!

Our overall goal is to continue to find ways to grow our community and I know you (all of you/us!) are instrumental in making that happen.

Let me know if you have more questions!