New Great-niece

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New Great-niece

My nephew's wife had their baby girl last night. This is their first and gender was a surprise. I loved my nephew's facebook post:

I am extremely excited and PROUD to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful little girl Aliyah Jean. Born last night at 22:50 weighing 6 pounds and 8 ounces measuring 19". She already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger as I am currently getting ready for our first little tea party and shopping online for a pony. I am so proud of my wife Kristyfor being as tough as she did and for doing something i KNOW I could not even imagine!!! I love you both and love my new "little" princess xoxox.

This is my 27th "great" niece/nephew...

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Congrats! I got my 11th niece/nephew on Friday. And the way my sister was talking, it sounds like there are plans for greats in the near future for me, too!

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Congrats to you both! I love hearing how happy new parents are (and encourage them to remember that feeling while in that lovely "I'm a zombie parent" stage those first six weeks with little sleep! LOL