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Hello! I'm A! Expecting March 17, 2012. We are excited and nervous at the same time. I have a DD who will be 6 this year, and a DS who will be 5 this year. Feels like we are starting all over again. Any questions feel free to ask!

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Hi there!! Welcome! Have you joined your Birth board yet?? Good to meet you

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Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to!

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Hey and welcome to p org! Congrats on your pregnancy Smile this site is amazing! I agree, pls visit your birth board and make some friends xx

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Welcome! And congrats on your pg! I also felt like I was starting over again with my last because my older two kiddos were 8 and 6 when he was born! It's actually kind of nice though because the older ones can really be good helpers.

I agree with pp - go check out your birth board and get to know the ladies on there. We have some amazing women on this site.

Feel free to post often - we love to hear from everyone!!!

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Hi there and welcome to P.O!! As the other girls have said, make sure you join the March 2012 birth board so that you can connect with other ladies that are due that same month!!

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