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Hi Everyone! My name is Amber. Im new here. I am 35 yrs old and pregnant with my 3rd baby. I am 14wks and 5 days pregnant. My due date is Nov 6, 2013.Its been a road but, am very greatful to be pregnant and doing well. Here are some of my questions...Might be silly but, need some other pregnant womens advice. Okay , Im craving Doritos, Chinese food, Watermelon, Chocolate milk and pizza - NON STOP...I have NOT yet indulged in the doritos, Chinese food or chocolate milk. I buy the tru moo and I dilute it with milk so not getting all the chocolate..Oh peanut M&Ms are a craving too... I know everything in moderation but, I seem to crave this stuff quite often...I do eat healthy too but, I have a lot of meat adversions...Don't like the look of it or smell.. but a General Tso's chicken sounds yummy right now or pork fried rice....Is this stuff safe to eat.. Oh cant forget poptarts on occasion and nutrigrain bars... Any advice or others that crave the same....I don't smoke or drink!!! I would think these things would be okay,

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Pretty sure all of the things on that list are ok, and now I am hungry.

Welcome to

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Welcome to the wonderful world of P.O Smile I love this website. You should definitely join your Birth Board and they will be going through the same types of things. Smile I think that everything on your list is fine... Including the stuff you won't allow yourself to indulge. It's fine to eat unhealthy sometimes Smile It's a matter of eating SAFE. Smile

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Birth board - where is that located at??? LOL. I don't crave fish or anything like that... Im very cautious...with the way things are cooked and things being pasteurized.

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If you scroll down the main forum page, you will get to a list of months, you can join your board and post on others if you like.

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Hi and welcome to! I saw that you have connected with your November 2013 group! Feel free to interact throughout the site (if you'd like you may add "lurking:" if you have something to contribute on a board you don't normally participate on.) You'll truly find some amazing people throughout -- including on this board as you have *met*!

We have a ton of resources available throughout the site. Be certain to explore or let me know if there is something specific you are searching for. I'll be glad to help.

I found this response from one of our experts that you may be interested in reading:

Question: Can I Eat Chinese Food While Pregnant?

Wishing you all the best throughout your pregnancy!


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Hi Amber and welcome!

You have come to the right place. The ladies on this site are amazing (especially the hosts ie Missy Wink ) Full of knowledge if you have any questions but also here to listen if you want to vent or to just share everything baby!

I had my DD 5 years ago (almost) and I still post.... how cool is that?!!

Feel free to get involved on this board also.