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Hello ladies!!
I've just recently stopped working and I am a stay at home mom of my wonderful yet very active 20 month old boy. I also have two other children, 7 boy & 5 girl. They are in school all day however I am looking for ideas of games, activities, crafts, to keep them occupied and learning.
We play outside, color, dance, read.....but I'm looking for more ideas. Anything you can share would be great.

This is the first time (other then maternity leave) that I have been home all day so this is all new to me Smile


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Pinterest has SLEWS of craft ideas for kids. You could also read together, go for walks, color.

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Smile This is a personal favorite topic for my cohort Julie (Jules) and I! We have a lot of ideas for both activities, crafts, and just plain fun -- that are published onsite. Let us know what type you are looking for and I'm certain we can come up with something to suggest for you. We have every day, holidays, seasonal, and more!

Another highly recommended -- Kas Winters, has an amazing book "Mother Lode: The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy" (Kindle version) or you can order a print version from her website. This book is overflowing
with ideas for all *sorts* of activities! You can listen to her podcast with us onsite: "Family Fun on a Shoestring Budget"

Here are a few that may interest you onsite:

Top Five Activities That Encourage Sibling Harmony

Kids' Activity: Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Kids' Activity: Sock Basketball!

Kids' Activity: Making Snot and Boogers

Kids' Activity: Make a Multi-Cultural Book

Kids' Activity: Make Craft Paint

Squishy creativity -- hands-on fun with play dough

Kids' Activity: Easy Alphabet Soup!

Kids' Activity: Edible Mudpies

Kids' Activity: Build Your Own Ant Farm!

Kids' Activity: Make Creative Cards

Kids' Activity: Stick Puppets!

Kids' Activity: Make Frost!

Mini family vacations -- savoring end of summer: (While September has set in, you can still use some of these tips to take advantage of better weather, "off-season" discounts, less traffic, and more fun!

This time of year you may want to...

Head to an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or corn maze for some perfect autumn fun!
Sit outside around a fire -- singing campfire songs (and being "goofy" according to my own kids!) and making scrumptious s'mores!
After school, visit the library, zoo, or museum. Many have family discounts or even tap your local tourism dept for coupons!
Play board games. Look for those that challenge thinking without being boring/monotonous.

Make your own games! Even preparing dinner can fit this mold!

HTH! Congratulations to being a SAHM now! I hope you are able to enjoy every minute. I can promise you that they truly do grow up fast!

~Missy (

P.S. If any of your enjoy these ideas, please do share them with others -- onsite or through email, social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and give us feedback within the comment sections! We love hearing from you!

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Allow me to welcome you over to the May, 2013 board! From your ticker, it looks like you have a LO due then?? Biggrin

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"ILoveMyMiniMe" wrote:

Allow me to welcome you over to the May, 2013 board! From your ticker, it looks like you have a LO due then?? Biggrin

*psssst* Hey Adriana. Let me know when you need me to change your username to PLURAL! Biggrin I'm so excited for you!