New strain of gonorrhea, ABX resistant

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New strain of gonorrhea, ABX resistant

This was in The NY Times today.

One of the most common sexually transmitted diseases is becoming increasingly resistant to the last antibiotic left to treat it...

Just found this interesting. Another very good reason to promote the use of condoms. (well, unless of course, you're trying to get pregnant, lol)

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Thanks for sharing. I agree that it is scary news... and I'm certain that there are going to be more "super strains" of other diseases soon too. It is ever so important to have pharmaceutical companies continue with their research to improve.


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I honestly don't think people realise how dangerous some of these STDs actually are!


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Thanks for sharing! I do think awarness needs to be brought more to std's, and our medical field should pay more attention and move to help cure these. Always practice safe sex with partners with whom you are dating or don't know all that well! JMO!

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