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    Hi all, I am new here. I am a momma of 6 children 4 boys 2 girls. My husband and I decided before we age anymore we would give one more shot to being parents again. I have been having some issues and am driving myself crazy so this has brought me here. Okay so my story is I found out on 2/14 we were pregnant! 2 weeks ago I was experiencing brown spotting, called the Dr and pretty much told me to wait it out if it got worse or red go to the ER. Monday much to my surprise red spotting was happening. I went to the ER, had blood work, as well as a sono. Sac but no Fetal pole but the sono measured me at 5w3d, my blood worked co-insided with the sono, but my HGC levels were lower than normal they were 796, and I should have been almost 7 weeks pregnant, unless I implanted late. By this time the spotting was gone, no clots, or cramping during that time either. They diagnosed me as threatened miscarriage. Called my Dr, they had me come in the next day went in and she checked me much to her surprise my cervix was closed and firm. She drew blood, called the next day and the levels didn't go up as much as they would like to see so they sent me in for a sono right away. Sono showed me around the same as the ER did just a sac no pole and around 5w5d. My dr called me and wants another draw tomorrow and a sono next week. I have not had any symptoms of bleeding, cramping, back pain NOTHING! I have googled it but it's all confusing and I just want answers. I mean you can do surgery on a fetus in a womb but you can't figure out quickly if the fetus is alive well? I am trying hard not to stress over the situation but it's very hard. And trying to stay positive but that too is hard! If it's a miscarriage I have accepted that but when will it happen? I want to TTC and have a healthy baby, if there is not fetus growing now Please help ease my mind a little is there hope?

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    Welcome to! I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this though. I have experienced 2 losses's not an easy thing to go through.

    So I'm guessing you found out you were pregnant with a home test...either way assuming you were super early and found out at like 7 DPO (3 wks along) that you were preggers then on Monday 3/11 that should have put you at around 6.5 wks at the earliest so the measurement would be about 1 week behind. I hate to have to say it but it doesn't sound good with the symptoms you have experienced and the low HCG level. I will also say there is always hope b/c I've seen things turn out just fine after not great u/s and bloodwork results in early pregnancy. Unfortunately early pregnancy is full of unknowns and only time can bring the answer. Please KUP on the results of your next draw. I hope next week's u/s shows a growing little one.
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    Yes, I orginally found out by a home test. When I googled my levels the range was so wide that I am not so sure why they would say they were low. Can a miscarriage come with no clotting, or heavy bleeding? The red bleeding I was expirencing was just one day and not heavy at all just seing the red freaked me out thats why I ened up at the ER. I have read everything, and it gives me mixed signals, and not sure maybe if they don't see anything on the sono, and my levels are up than maybe a missed misscarriage? Not sure. Off to the Dr now. I will keep posted. Thanks

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