Newborn nails - help!

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Newborn nails - help!

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): My newborn is clawing her face during the night. Do I cover her hands or is it time to face my terror and clip her nails? (Tips for the latter if that is your vote!)

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I was told to not cute the finger nails on the newborn until they got stronger. If you do it too soon, the chance of them tearing is greater. But, just get a nice infant nail clipper and do it while she is asleep if that is what you want to try. As for covering up her hands, I found that using socks for this purpose worked much better than those infant mittens - the socks actually stayed on!

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Neither of mine would ever keep anything over their hands, not socks up to their elbows, not the mittens that tie, nothing, they all came off. My husband would file or clip baby's nails while I nursed them.