Newborn sleeping quarters?

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Newborn sleeping quarters?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Currently expecting but planning ahead. Where did your baby sleep as a newborn?

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He sleeps in our room. Started in a Moses basket but he's in his cot now.
We will let him sleep in his own room from 6 months Smile

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In my bed, next to me! Smile But they were never in between DH & me unless we were in a different bed that couldn't be pushed against a wall because I don't want baby thinking his place is in between us, kwim? Both of my babies were in my bed until they were about 1.5yo and then transitioned to a toddler bed in our room for a year or two, and then into a twin bed in their own room. We never bothered with getting a crib or a bassinet. I WOH full time, I'm the sole support of our family, and I can't function on too little sleep, but nursing my babies was extremely important to me and co-sleeping was the perfect solution. We all slept great, I was able to fully function, and yes, DH & I still had plenty of sex! We have a guest bed in another room so sometimes the baby started the night in there, or we started the night in there. Wink

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We're currently in a 1-bed apartment so baby's crib is in our room.