Newly pregnant and in trouble...

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Newly pregnant and in trouble...

Hi ladies,

My name is Leah-Shahar and I'm 29. I just got married 6 and a half months ago and have been trying to get pregnant since then.

The first pregnancy ended after a few weeks, and now I'm pregnant again. It's supposed to be 9 weeks according to my count.

But then I had my first ultrasound two days ago. And it was a shock. They saw the umbilical sack, but not the fetus!
There was nothing inside to be seen or heard...

After trying unsuccessfully to reach my gynecologist, I finally went to another physician today. He said that I should do bloodwork as soon as possible (which is Sunday morning where I live) and then they will know if the pregnany has stopped progressing, or whatever the problem may be.

I've been so anxious over the past few days, hoping that maybe the fetus was so small they just couldn't see it...
But now I've resigned myself. God knows what he's doing, I hope. I just need some encouragement to go on...

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Hi Leah,

I'm sorry that you are going through more anxiety as you await to learn more. Unfortunately, many on this site have had similar experiences -- self included.

Did the physician you saw today not do bloodwork? I will hope that you are able to get through that soon.

IF things do not work out as you hope, please do ask the doctors to try and figure out any possible causes.

Please let us know how you're doing!


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Thinking of you Leah!

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Hey Leah, I hope everything turned out ok.

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Warning: D&C mentioned

Hi ladies,

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Unfortunately, repeated tests and ultrasounds did not show any positive results. The fetus (barely visible at 2-3 mm.) was not developing and had no heartbeat. Only the gestational sac was clearly visible, looking as though it was 7 weeks old.

I was directed to schedule a D&C, and had the operation at my local hospital on March 21st. I was 11 weeks pregnant, but the fetus had probably stopped developing at 5 to 7 weeks.

Thankfully, the procedure went fine. I had no pain after the general anesthesia wore off. My husband came with me, of course, and showed his love and support. My good friends and close relatives were also there for me. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

It's been 2 weeks and 3 days since then, and I think I finally stopped bleeding/spotting. I will see my gynecologist later this week, and hope everything is well. Perhaps she will refer me to some tests to see if I have a problem that could be taken care of. I certainly don't want to go through this again--if I can avoid it!

Best of luck in all your pregnancies. I hope to join you again soon on the "expectant" forum!


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I'm so sorry that you had to go through that Cray 2

The TTCAL (trying to conceive after a loss) board is very helpful if you need some empathetic shoulders as we have all been through a loss of sorts (some even multiple losses).

I hope that you are able to try again soon and catch a healthy, sticky egg.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Sad I too am on the TTCAL board unfortunately but we would love to support you in your TTC journey in the future. Feel free to join even if you are TTC yet. Best wishes and I hope that you will have a healthy pregnancy when you try in the future.