Nursing bra?

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Nursing bra?

Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): For those breastfeeding did you buy a nursing bra? I'd like to get a few before giving birth but how do you judge the size?

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You can't judge the size. You have no idea what your breasts are going to do after birth. I tried some on so I knew a couple of brands that I liked, that were available in my very-large size, and then I ordered them online after my milk came in. Good thing, too, because from about Week 38 to a week after birth, my band size went up a full size and my cup size went up two full sizes! :shock:

I needed nursing bras but I know a number of smaller-breasted women who were very happy with nursing tanks or sports bras. It really depends on your size, your desire for support, and how fast & comfortable you are with slipping your boob in & out of something every couple of hours.