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So after searching several different forums and even websites along with asking my best friend, I have decided to branch out and try this forum. I need Your thoughts.. Here is my story. I am [almost] 27 years old, married, mother of two. I have been on birth control for almost 2 years and I'm a loyal consumer. Meaning, I have two alarms set on my phone to tell me to take my birth control. Last month however I slipped.. Instead of being a loyal birth control taker at 5pm there were a couple days I would take it in the middle of the night or even the next morning and continue my 5pm pill. I did miss one of my white pills in the last week (thursday pill) and just completely skipped it and went to my brown pill. I had oops unprotected sex that following Saturday. I been loyal to taking my birth control since my missed white one. Husband is "positive" he didn't *** but we were slightly intoxicated (don't judge) and so his "positive" to me flys out the window.. So what are my odds to being pregnant? I haven't had my period since December, the birth control that I am on is every other month I have a period. I am supposed to start this Monday and according to my period tracker I was fertile the night we "oops'd". So, what are your thoughts? If it plays a roll in your decision the birth control that I am on is called lo loestrin fe.

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I unfortunately don't have any input on this matter Sad

Holding thumbs that you get the answer you're looking for :goodluck:

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Your best bet is to take a pregnancy test. Good luck

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I would say the odds are pretty low. The Pill blocks ovulation from the first day of your cycle. Missing a pill in the middle likely won't cause you to spontaneously ovulate. Missing pills in the first week (from what I understand) is the worst time to miss pills.

I hope this helps.

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How many days ago was your oops? Feb 16th?

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Update? Has AF arrived yet? Or did you POAS?