Ovulation predictor tests?

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Ovulation predictor tests?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Do ovulation predictor tests really work? Any advice on how many to buy to get started, how they work, etc.? We are *very* excited to start building our family and I'm open to any and all ideas to be successful!

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I have had good luck with wondfo internet cheapie ovulation tests (hate the wondfo pregnancy tests though). I also have had good luck with the clear blue digital ovulation tests. I think the test sticks work similar to the monitor and I started using the clear blue monitor 8 years ago -- I use the test sticks as backup when needed (i.e., during my nursing phase the monitor didnt work as well).

First response ovulation tests, I'm not sold on --I've only used them once and they gave a positive later than both the monitor, wondfo and CBE digitial. So, for me, I think they don't detect my surge until it's too late.