PCOS - hope for pregnancy?

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PCOS - hope for pregnancy?

Answer Box: I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. The doctor also told me that I will likely never become pregnant. I'm feeling devastated as it has always been my dream to become a mom. While I have read + articles on Pregnancy.org, I really would love to have someone share their successful PCOS pregnancy story please? I don't want to give up hope.

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I was diagnosed with PCOS. I had three consecutive miscarriages. Got my thyroid treated, went on Metformin, took Clomid and got pregnant, had a beautiful baby boy...in fact..I have 5 kids, back to back. It can definitely happen.

One thing I think did the trick after the first was that before my body had time to get back to its old pcos'y self (I never needed meds after the first baby) I got pregnant again. My pregnancies were not intentionally and wasn't expecting them. I got pregnant each time there after around 9 / 10 months to a year. I was nursing too. I had my cycles starting 6 weeks post part. but they would get a tiny bit long and them suddenly WHAM on time and was pregnant.

There is hope. My close friend has a horrible time with her PCOS and she has 4 kids.